Best Oculus Quest 2 Games | 13 Greatest VR Titles | Puzzle, Action, Adventure…

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Reviewing the best Oculus Quest 2 VR games you can download now, including Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners and my favourite action/adventure titles. Check out my unboxing and full review of the Oculus Quest 2 for more on this brilliant VR headset, definitely the greatest way to experience virtual reality games and immersive 360-degree video.

We kick off with the suspenseful Walking Dead, which is fresh out in October 2020. Like Arizona Sunshine, this has you exploring a post-apocalyptic landscape, harvesting resources and slaying zombies. If action is your favourite genre, my picks of the best games include Robo Recall, Pistol Whip and Super Hot.

For adventure and puzzle fans, there’s The Room VR: A Dark Matter. This is one of the most immersive Oculus Quest 2 VR games, with dozens of cunning brainteasers to solve. I also adore A Fisherman’s Tale, which is a challenging puzzler and perfect for virtual reality.

And if you’re in the mood for something a bit different, Trover Saves the Universe is from the dude who did Accounting Plus, and it’s a riot. I also big up I Expect You To Die, and fitness fans will love Fit XR.

So what’s your own pick for the very best games to experience on Oculus Quest 2? Let us know below!


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  3. I got a Quest 2 and i think its a bit blurry though

  4. Great review as always 😁 I'm not a fan of VR (You're talking to somebody who's happy with Pocket Tanks & Google Doodle Cricket!) but I can see the appeal..

  5. Funny was just looking at this and simultaneously my favourite youtube tech reviewer pops up in my notifications with a related video😃

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  7. Bought it on Thursday, returned it on Tuesday. Motion sickness is a b*tch. Great tech though.

  8. Nice stuff! Love how you had the headset on the whole video. I appreciate the dedication

  9. I can't stand super hot vr cause it fights against itself whole premise is time moves when you do sept in vr….YOU CAN'T MOVE just wave your arms

  10. Great recommendations. For me I expect you to die and and fisherman's tale are games just made perfectly for VR. First person shooters are great but some experiences are just only possible in VR really. I've got Moss to play and I feel like that will be similar 🙂

  11. I only liked 2 of the 10 picks and i had them already.

  12. Is there "game" or "tool" that lets you import an image/picture into a VR environment where you can organize and layout your images/picture in a VR manner for the quest 2 unit?

  13. Definitely need a quest 2 horror game video. Really enjoyed dead secret circle on the go. Face your fears is now too scary. Already finished affected the manor on the go. Already finished blare witch on Xbox one. Playing it lies beneath… and its ok. Need a good mystery horror game

  14. Sweating like a priest in a playground, classic, good vid pal

  15. Do we download games in vr or buy a stick or something.

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  17. Classic, loving the delivery. Tougher than a week old chicken nugget!!

  18. I can’t wait to get mine it comes in three days

  19. The Under Presents, even without doing the live interactive theater events, is slick, comfortable, and highly enjoyable if you like/need a more relaxed experience filled with mind-bending visuals, engaging discover-as-you-go stories, and tons of hidden secrets. (Bonus: in multiplayer, everyone is mute!)

  20. Try "thrill of the fight" awesome boxing game only 10 bucks

  21. Kind of sad that these are the exact same games I've been playing for years.

  22. I'd like to see borderlands 2 VR or Skyrim VR. They run great on psvr, but the tracking isn't very great in small spaces….and text on the psvr …..yeah.

  23. And if you’ve become a hermit this game is good for you…

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  25. Beat Saber is good but is pay to play and i hate that

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