2022 was a wildly up and down year for games. We’ve got some personal picks from the team: our favorite games on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One, and Nintendo Switch.
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  1. I'm triggered that y'all give credit to Daredevil for the hallway fight scene instead of the original Oldboy which was clearly the influence for that Daredevil scene.

  2. currently playiing Sekiro (yes 3 years after its release) but the game has got me hooked its currently my favorite game

  3. Remember the good times when Jake was in a full suit. I loved the older formats

  4. My only problem with elden ring was the achievements, I unlocked every achievement after 150 hrs, it was too easy

  5. not one game to my taste, but hey – it's subjective…

  6. Um popular opinion, ragnarok is lazy, copy and pasted of the 2018 game

  7. Nothing will ever compare to the experience Nier:Automata left me with this year. It was truly worth finally sitting down and playing through. For anyone who hasn’t touched this masterpiece; you know what to do 😉

  8. vampire survivor is my guilty pleasure game

  9. Leaving Horizon out of this list and not even mentioning it is outrageous

  10. This video really makes me realise 2022 was a bad year for games… I'm struggling to find any new games that grab my attention.

  11. DRM destroy Elden Ring performance. Sadly.

  12. 7:00 kinda weird to hear that, i chcked steam before buying it was overwhelmingly positive reviews all over the place

  13. L list, HUGE L LIST. Aint no way DL2 aint there. SMH

  14. My list would be:
    1. Elden Ring
    2. God of War Ragnarok
    3. A Plague Tale Requiem
    4. Total War: Warhammer 3
    5. Horizon Forbiden West
    6. Pentiment
    7. Marvel's Midnight Suns
    8. Cult of the Lamb
    9. Return to Monkey Island
    10. Nobody saves the World

  15. I've not played a single game that has released from 2022

  16. Midnight Fight Express was a sleeper hit that deserved a mention. It’s the a blend of SIFU and Hotline Miami. Definitely worth a playthrough.

  17. Gameranx got to the end of 2022 without spending any of their wardrobe budget so figured they'd splash it all on this one video

  18. Vampire survivors was a hidden gem 💎, I still haven't put a finger on what keeps me coming back to it.

  19. For a pc player like me this year was great. God of war, Spiderman, Persona 5 royal all came to pc in 2022.

  20. I love the change of sweaters through the video lol. Nice Jake.

  21. Don’t sleep on grounded full release or high on life. Gameranx seems to be against Microsoft but that’s ok I still love y’all

  22. I’ll never understand the love for Elden Ring or really From Software games in general but I’m glad you guys liked it. Was a good year for games.

  23. definitely missing horizon forbidden west but good list

  24. No signalis here is a crime against videogames

  25. Elden Ring is trash, do not waste your time. It’s petty, sweaty garbage with cheap kills and obnoxious bosses.

    Why these people refuse to see what a pile of shit that game is, is beyond me.

  26. Probably an Unpopular comment: Sifu is an awesome game and I had a lot of fun getting all the trophies. But I just got this crazy idea that the second Sifu can be kinda like Shenmue. You can free roam, talk to people, do side missions like part time jobs. But the huge difference would be that you can still die in a fight and age after you revive. This would create different outcomes like interactions with NPCs and different routes you'll have to take in order to progress in the story. I know it might sound dumb, but I recently bought Shenmue 1 and 2 and I sometimes like to think about combining ideas from different games.

  27. Horizon: Forbidden West doesn't even get a mention? Okay…

  28. I enjoy just the good games the people of the channel recommend rather than awards, its more personable and makes me want to look into games more than just a top ten or goty. It tells me what people enjoy about a game that came out and why I should play it rather than THIS GAME IS GOOD type deal, really enjoyed this vid, and I will be playing some of the games here that I missed because of it.

  29. I loved tunic until the holy cross section. God, that was awful

  30. I clocked in 160 hours of gran turismo 7,
    It gets more and more rewarding with the updates, and as you get better as a driver,
    Especially trying to get all those gold medals, licenses, and circuit experiences.
    The latest batch of cars is great too

  31. new games this year for me were elden ring and witcher 3! both absolutely incredible, for obvious reasons

  32. God of war ragnarok is my GOTY but I started playing elden ring about a week ago and i absolutely see why it was GOTY, I have been playing it like a madman and this is coming from someone who couldn’t get into souls games before ER

  33. Bro how didn't u mention hfw???
    I mean horizon forbidden west

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