Best Adventure Games To Play In 2020

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New places? Puzzles? We’ve got the best adventure games of 2020 to play on PC.

Sometimes you want to get away from it all and head somewhere totally new, uncover secrets, and keep your mind occupied with intriguing puzzles. Well, if that sounds all too familiar, then it seems like you’re after an adventure. But with so many games to pick from, with classics spanning back to the eighties, it can be hard to know which train to board or mystery to solve. Luckily, we’ve collected the best adventure games to keep you puzzling and exploring in 2020.

So, get lost in the best adventure games to play on PC in 2020:

Intro 00:00
1 Pendragon 0:55
2 VirtuaVerse 01:52
3 Over The Alps 03:05
4 Paradise Killer 04:00
5 Beyond a Steel Sky 05:03
6 Röki 06:14
7 There Is No Game : Wrong Dimension 07:32
8 Tell Me Why 08:39
9 Creaks 10:04
10 In Other Waters 11:02
Outro 12:07

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  1. You're doing all the real adventure game fans a service by making these videos. It is much appreciated ❤

  2. Greetings Logitech, I put on Steam the game I'm producing called Parallel, producing games is not easy, promoting is also very complicated. 🙏

  3. Keep making interesting videos ! I like lists, also rankings, etc 👍

  4. You forgot to mention Inkle studio's magnum opus while listing their games – Sorcery! series. It's hands down the best thing they've made and far superior to 80 days. Check it out.

    Great list btw !!!!

  5. Man I am excited to check out Tell Me Why. Some part of me felt compelled to check out some adventure games, get a change of pace so I picked up a bunch. I'm about halfway through life is strange and holy hell the game is about as traumatizing as real life. So much of the story I can draw parallels to my personal life, including sneaking out of a school while the cops were looking for you cause you wanted to play around in the gym 😀 We were smart enough to park further away than the parking lot though. Max is such an endearing character.

    And now dontnod has released a title with trans representation? I've been trying to stay as blind as possible to the story, but I know it's going to tug at the heart strings and really give me some self reflection time. Very excited to play it.

    Do you have any more recommendations along this line? I have Heavy Rain, Life Is Strange 2+Before the Storm, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit Become Human already bought and waiting to be played. I also seriously loved the philosophy deep dive that was Planescape: Torment. I can't believe I've slept on this genre for so long… Normally when I thought adventure games I'd think Kings Quest. Thanks for the great vid, the cyberpunk one looks intriguing but the "look out to not miss anything tidbit" sounds terrible to someone that often overlooks minor details lol.

  6. nob you call this game ..that should go back to 90s

  7. Advanture games??? This is the worst video i have ever seen

  8. Please stop making videos…
    I bought 2000$ laptop so i can play this craps?
    Videogames videos are not for u !
    Make something else with ur time and our time

  9. What was the game in the thumbnail? Tomb raider?

  10. Finally someone that really got what is an adventure game

  11. I think these were the games he was able to run on his Pc in 2020 !!!

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