Bermuda Adventure Map 94 – Joke Island Walkthrough

* (GN) Bermuda Adventure Island Games
* (GB) Belka Games
* (GT) Farming Simulation Stylised
* (GF) A lot of characters; Huge territory of happy island farm bay; Foods cooking little island family fun adventure and trading in free farm game; Unique township farm free animals, plants and buildings of family village; Dozens of farming games; Regular quests and unique events; Customization of characters’ appearance

* (FBP)

* (GL)


Help family members arrange their everyday life, teach them how to build farms, grow plants and cook food in these free adventure games. Be amazed with them at the secrets and unusual finds that Bermuda monkey Island of adventure hides in our exploring games. And soon you won’t want to leave the wonderful Bermuda Adventures jumanji games!

Build a cozy villa and family farm, extract resources and produce everything you need for exciting expedition quests, construction and trading with other inhabitants of the Bermuda Triangle with our free simulation games. Raise animals, crop harvest land, find coral island questaway, trade with neighbours and have fun with new adventures in this trade island game!

Set up your family farm, raise animals, harvest crops, cook food for your family and trade with your neighbours and for your family members peace island survival will become the castaway paradise bay in our agriculture games! Have fun with this fantasy island adventure game!


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