Bartali Adventure Log 11-15 Chapters | FULL GUIDE (Black Desert Online)

Do Kutum and Nouver. That is the main bottle neck for Bartali’s amazing story or better known as Adventure log. Reason why to do it? Free 3ap 1dp and 100stack for enhancing! Amazing!

This is a guide that will show You how I completed each step. I do recommend taking an axe, 20 water bottles, 30mil in gold , 10 mil silver for villa, butcher knife for lion, own valencia castle, have energy for amity games. If I forgot something, I probably mention it in the video. If not, please do ask. Also will leave website I used, just in case You need more help.

Time stamps in the video:
Intro: 00:00 – 02:47
Bartali Adventure Log 11- Potato Crate: 03:24 – 05:18
Bartali Adventure Log 11- Muddy Water Desert: 05:18 – 06:18
Bartali Adventure Log 11- Special Valencia meal: 06:18 -06:44
Bartali Adventure Log 11- Scare Crow Training:06:44 – 07:16
Bartali Adventure Log 12- Ride Desert on a Camel: 07:16 – 07:41
Bartali Adventure Log 12- Place Desert Tent: 07:41 – 08:25
Bartali Adventure Log 12- Assemble a Compass: 08:25 – 10:41
Bartali Adventure Log 12- Get 2x Kutum Fragments: 10:41 – 11:20
Bartali Adventure Log 13- Meet Someone at the abandonded wharf: 12:21 – 13:46
Bartali Adventure Log 13- Shakatu’s Butler Villa: 13:46 – 14:47
Bartali Adventure Log 13- Ride the elephant: 14:48 – 20:01
Bartali Adventure Log 13- Defeat the bandit assassin: 20:01 – 20:47
Bartali Adventure Log 13- Defeat the Cadry Commander: 20:47 – 21:54
Bartali Adventure Log 13- Defeat Muskan’s brother(Agrakhan): 21:54 – 23:03
Bartali Adventure Log 14- Meet all vendors in Valencia 23:43 – 24:10 (Also: 31:34 -32:05)
Bartali Adventure Log 14- Explore every region of Great Desert of Valencia: 24:10 – 26:13
Bartali Adventure Log 14- Find Aakam portal: 26:13 – 27:57
Bartali Adventure Log 14- Explore every region of Great Desert of Valencia: 27:57 – 30:09
Bartali Adventure Log 14- Get 3x Nouver fragments: 30:09 – 33:24
Free 100 stack after completing log 14: 33:01 – 33:24
Bartali Adventure Log 15- Hunt lion and gather it’s meat: 33:50 – 35:44 (at 35:44 I show where I hunted them)
Bartali Adventure Log 15- Examine ancient artifact at the basement: 35:44 – 39:14
Bartali Adventure Log 15- Valencia castle tower wall: 39:14 – 41:45
Bartali Adventure Log 15- Boy and the old man(Arehaza): 42:23 – 48:20
The end reward and talk: 48:20 – 50:16

Useful websites to use if You are playing bdo:




Green screen used:

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  1. What? You hadn't completely discovered Valencia region? Shame… 😛

    Nice video, keep it up!

  2. Thank you Rapo so much for this video its amazing ♥

  3. You can disable the scrolling tip in the bottom left of your screen by hiding them in the ui edit

  4. do you have an image of all desert portal locations

  5. cant believe i watched the full video. what am i doing with my life? good video though. i like you soothing voice. kind of like asmr. i talk too much. bb.

  6. you could atleast spare the lion cub … demmmm it rapolas !!!

  7. hard work. nice editing. it felt like i was watching a movie

  8. Lol that was me falling off the horse at the end :p

  9. If you change to the Channel Valencia 1, the gate is open 🙂

  10. 28:25
    i guess i belong to etsy nights and theres nuffin wrong with me =<

  11. Man how did you connect nodes from velia to sandbazzar ??

  12. After collecting water and feeding it to the elephant, quest doesnt complete for me. Tried forfeiting and doing it again to no avail. Anyone else?

  13. This was awesome Thanks!! Not sure if anyone put this, but the little spot between the two staircases in the Villa has water in it and counts as River Water. Just bring bottles with you and voila. Ezpz

  14. BTW for "Defeat Muskan's brother" you have to summon, the gatekeeper guy that spawns there does not count, i killed him and it didn't work so i had to summon.

  15. there are a way to get in the castle without opening the gate just look around under the castle

  16. The list in the beginning shows "kutum x2" and "nouver x3." I literally almost went out and bought 2 KUTUMS and 3 NOUVERS. Might want to clarify that part lol.

  17. Do u think there will be another bartali's quest line ? like 15-20 to get free ap again ?

  18. how do you recieve the 2nd 100 failstacks reward for chapter 14?

  19. Why my serazad do not open the quest ? Check O and open all still do not open yet

  20. What if the starting NPC does not have a quest for me. Yasum has nothing even when i turn quests on and off in my O setting.

  21. See you in the top teir for bdo guides i can always depend on well informed and quality stuff from you

  22. ur my lifetime saver, thanks bro, keep up the good work!

  23. How do I get the akman temple knowledge..

  24. Omw to give Igor the ball right now.. Im super fast at getting these journals done btw

  25. Can you do the bosses early or do they not count unless you're on that specific chapter?

  26. You goat. Thank you so much for this guide and all that you do

  27. I just Q with my weapons holstered and crawled underneath the gate in the 39:22 section of the video. See if it works for the rest of you

  28. "Full guide" lmao, HOw is it a full guide when you are only showing the parts you dont have or need. 63k views and less than 1k likes for a reason.

  29. Thank you, you just have to change server to get into the carsel in the end.

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