Barbie™: Mermaid Adventure (PC 2004) – Full Game 1080p60 HD Walkthrough – No Commentary

Includes the full game. Played on Windows 10 (no issues). Recorded with Elgato HD60, without commentary.

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Barbie Games playlist:

Story: Join Mermaid Barbie and Samika the seahorse on an amazing underwater journey!

Everyone in the ocean city is preparing for a big celebration, but the light from the magic shell has faded! Help Mermaid Barbie follow the sparkling path to find the rainbow dolphins and return the light to the shell before the event starts! Hand out invitations, play musical instruments – even create a song along your way! Plus, decorate the city and invite your undersea friends to the magical sea celebration!

– Explore 3 exotic undersea worlds!
– Play 7 fun-filled games and activities! Care for cuddlefish, free Whisper the Whale and more!
– Collect decorations and hand out party invitations!
– Help Mermaid Barbie and her friends compose the Song of the Sea!
– Play two of a kind with school fish and watch them dance at the celebration!
– Design a crown and necklace for Barbie to wear!

Release Date – March 16, 2005
Genre – 3D Sidescroller, Adventure
Platforms – Windows, Mac
Publisher – Barbie Software
Developer – Vivendi Universal Games

My Xbox gamertag: TGG Yari
My PlayStation gamertag: ToughGamingGuyYT
My Steam: toughgamingguy2

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  1. i was watching new disney Ariel movie and the crab's music made me remember this game immediately! my computer got crushed a lot while playing this though.


  3. thank you for your work. this channel helped me remember all my old childhood games i would have been scrambling to recognize otherwise.

  4. I had this one! Forgot where is it at now 😭

  5. Had to explain to my friend why I have nostalgia towards marimbas. This was the key. Thanks.

  6. thank you toughgamingguy for playing my nostalgia game
    i am also a tough gaming guy but when i was little i was a weak barbie boy

  7. I randomly remembered that I had this game as a kid and came to this video, it’s so nostalgic it’s borderline nauseating

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