Aviator Incredible Adventure – Clicker Android iOS Gameplay (By SWG Games Lab)

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Aviator Incredible Adventure – Clicker By SWG Games Lab Gameplay First Look. (Android/iOS/iPhone/iPad)

WG Games Lab presents a new game in the style of the clicker Aviator Incredible Adventure and its protagonist – the brave Aviator. Exciting adventures of this character, as well as unique graphics and a non-trivial set of missions and tasks will not let even the most experienced players get bored.

The story of the brave ace and the real pro of his business – the Aviator begins high in the sky somewhere over the lost territories of the globe. Our pilot is very experienced. He has thousands of successfully completed tasks and hours spent at the helm. And now he returns home, completing the next task of the headquarters.

But, as you know, even the coolest and most invincible once stumble on their Achilles heel. For our Aviator, it was a stupid crow. The wild beast decided to compete with the iron bird and went to ram. Aviator and his plane remained intact, but the damage caused to the ambitious animal forced the ace to make an emergency landing.

So, our hero is at an unknown airport. Here, not at all the conditions to which he was accustomed: there is no modern equipment, competent team, necessary premises and workshops.

Any other pilot would immediately request emergency evacuation. But this is not our pros! Without a shadow of doubt, he immediately makes a fateful decision to stay on the base, apply all his knowledge and experience and make a first-class airfield out of this hole.

No sooner said than done. And our hero takes up work. However, in practice everything is not so smooth. Aviator has to hire personnel among local, and it’s not always pretty and adequate connoisseurs of his business. The development of a fleet of aircraft is also not an easy task. First you have to buy real junk. At the same time, the repair workshops are not perfect. And the leadership adds its own fly in the ointment – it constantly distracts the aviator from the restoration of the airfield by various missions and assignments. And the place itself throws surprises. It turns out that here live completely wild and uneducated creatures, periodically making raids on the base. Their appearance is a real catastrophe. Only have time to fight back!

But what the eyes fear, the hands do. And little by little the provincial airport turns into a real state-of-the-art flight control center. In its park – only modern cool aircraft, the team knows their business perfectly well, and the workshops and hangars work without interruption.

Advance in the course of the plot and cope with all the tasks of the Aviator, as in all applications of this genre, the player is helped by ordinary clicks. More clicks – more progress. For the most impatient there is a mode of gold purchases. Acquiring unique aircraft and equipment, the player literally flies through the plot at the speed of sound.

However, and those who choose the normal mode, also do not have to be bored. The developers took care that every moment of the game did not turn into a dull click on the screen. Unexpected twists, unique graphics, not a boring sound series make Aviator Incredible Adventure a real adventure that will certainly enthrall both an experienced player and a beginner gamer.

Download Aviator Incredible Adventure, immerse yourself in the fascinating world of aviation with the heroes of the clicker and your dream of the sky will necessarily become a reality.


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  1. Do you know why it isnt avaible on iOS Anymore

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