Asmongold runs out of luck in Lost Ark

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Asmongold (also known as Zackrawrr) is one of the most popular MMORPG content creators on Twitch and YouTube. Asmon enjoys streaming and playing a variety of games on his channel, such as World of Warcraft (WoW), Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV), Lost Ark, Dark Souls and all the hot new game releases. He is also very well known for his entertaining reactions highlights. His favorites include Bellular, Internet Historian, Madseasonshow, Pint, Uberdanger, hirumaredx and many others!

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  1. i would care less if that happened to me xD used to play Rappelz and gear would break after +4 (out of 20)

  2. In comparison to poe crafting this is a joke

  3. I have 2 960+, and 2 500+ and 2 400+, and I had no idea there was a fail chance, it has never happen to me XD, I just thought need the mats and upgrade it.

  4. Brings back terrible memories of when I played Last Chaos and you had to upgrade weapons and armor. It had an extremely high chance to fail and would break immediately. The solution? Paying real money to protect the item

  5. How does he have 200 leapstones? p2w andy gonna catch up on me even though i paid 50$

  6. I feel so bad whenever he fails the honing.. 😂

  7. Atleast it isn't one of those stupid games where the item has a chance to get destroyed on a failed upgrade.

  8. Hate gambling. Because my lucky never that great 🤣

  9. What happens when u fail the reforge?(or howerver is it called)

  10. ahah get rekt by RNGJESUS you didn't prayed enough

  11. Is it only me or when you have 70% it always fails in the first time and the second it work ?

  12. The one thing about this game I dislike "honing", doesn't feel like a meaningful progression, it feels like thowing the dice at a casino and having to keep going back to the ATM because you just can't help it!!

  13. I max failed my weapon on 13-14 and 14-15. It was the most brutal humbling experience of my life.

  14. Anyone who played BDO will know of this pain when upgrading gear.

  15. I've failed 90% upgrade 3 times so don't bother.

  16. Reminds me of Ragnarok Online

    several dozen people sitting at the blacksmith and every once in a while you hear the iconic fail clank


  17. Yall ever heard of a horror story called "Refining at Ragnarok Online"

  18. btw i'm pretty sure the % are god damn scripted lol. too many failures at 70-80-90%, its just impossible mathematically and statistically talking lol. and apparently everyone has gone through this shit

  19. Dude, you have NO idea how f'n lucky you are. I've failed 41x just trying to take my T1 gear from 14s to 15s. I've burned through over 400 breaths attempting this too. You have NO FUCKING IDEA what most of us are going through to level up. I've been stuck in T1 for over a week because I can't get gear to 15 and continue content. All day long it's non stop chaos dungeons trying to get mats to make more attempts. That look at the end of your video is the normal look I have playing this game. Yesterday I failed at 97% TWICE!!

  20. I remember Archage was gonna be the wow killer. Everyone loved the game but gear progression had this same system since it was another Korean mmo. The gear progression killed the game before it could reach it's potential.

  21. let me tell you how statistical odds work :/

  22. Tbh I think that's a stupid mechanic but it is what it is

  23. I wanna see him smile like that in late T3 when the chances hit sub 5% xD

  24. Never seen anyones expression change so fast

  25. this happened to me today really heartbroken lol

  26. People tends to remember the fails more than the success. you should also remember some successes you landed. but O well, I've been failing my honing too lol

  27. This account is dogshit turning into Lost Ark shitposting

  28. Guess they cut the streamer privilege and easy upgrades from his account. Can't make things to obvious hey.

  29. Bro you could hold the pain whennyou at least play bdo 🤣

  30. Knowing Aion, L2, BDO enchanting systems is the reason why I do not want to play this game, had enough bruh

  31. its so funny to read these comments about : "MAAN eating this shit is so delicious compared to that old stinky poo i used to drink back than, i'm so happy being able to eat that delicious shit wow man lets be greatfull for this" just lol just fockin lol

  32. I failed 5 out of 10 90% honings, after that i was so mad i started keeping a statistic of each time i try to upgrade my gear

  33. after 1400 u will be not sad face, throw out the brain with 2% succes rate

  34. I failed 3 times in a row, and considering the odds are 70% for and increasing for each try, that is some bad luck right there! But hey, that's how it is!

  35. it was today that i found out if you fail honing 6 times in a row, your 7th time is always a guaranteed success. hopefully none of yall will ever share this same pain as me 🙂

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