An Adventure in Lord of the Rings Online – (LOTRO)

Recently Lord of the Rings Online has released their Legendary Servers where players can go back and relive the days of early LOTRO. Naturally, being the fan of LOTRO that I am, I wanted to check these servers out, as I had never played the game back when it was first released. This video is my thoughts on the Legendary experience so far, as well as why I enjoy the game Lord of the Rings Online so much.

Made by, Nixxiom


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  1. I wish I had the time to play all these MMOs. Would love to go back to LotRO.

  2. The soundtrack, don't forget the soundtrack. It's amazing.

  3. Earned a like and a subscribe from me. Nice job.

  4. Especially the soundtrack is fantastic.

  5. Omg where can i get that desktop background :O

  6. butter bur is the inn keep of the prancing pony and the best side character ever, Duh!!!

  7. Know butterbur he is the innkeep of the prancing pony

  8. Would play it with better grafic

  9. Nix that wallpaper on your PC. Is epic! How did you get it 😲

  10. I feel sad for the people that actually played this.
    It's one of the most pay to win MMOs out there for the last couple of years or so – we are talking end-game gear on lootbox kind of s#it
    and that legendary server turned out to be a live version with a level cap and a gold wipe.
    Nothing was reverted back to vanilla version.

    If you get nostalgia issues , go play WoW.

    And Nixxiom i hope you got that T-shirt man , cause that was a very one-sided review and you did them a great favour here…

    PS. Ow and fyi , that legendary server is pretty much a ghost town as of today : )

  11. My friends stopped playing lotro years ago, I tried going on solo for periods, but the memories of the great times I had before with my friends eventually made lotro sad to play for me. Every time I logged on it always took me back. It's not lotro's fault, the game is truly awesome and it gave me so much for the years it lasted.

  12. LOTR has always been ready to be an mmo. This game was never it.

  13. Yeah you can explore middle earth 100% if you pay like 100€

  14. I big fan wow and Lord of the Rings fan your awesome video and you rock

  15. The best MMORPG ever, hands down!

  16. Nice video!! where did you get that animated wallpaper?

  17. It fills me with so much joy to see you so much healthier and happier. You’re an authentic creator! <3

  18. 4:11 No longer applicable 🙁
    Overworld content now melts if a gentle breeze comes close.

  19. never before has anyone uttered that tongue in my room.

  20. What a jorney, can't believe I never watched all your lotr stuff before

  21. By making the combat so risky, crafting also becomes actually potent at all levels.

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