An Adventure in Lord of the Rings Online – (LOTRO)

Recently Lord of the Rings Online has released their Legendary Servers where players can go back and relive the days of early LOTRO. Naturally, being the fan of LOTRO that I am, I wanted to check these servers out, as I had never played the game back when it was first released. This video is my thoughts on the Legendary experience so far, as well as why I enjoy the game Lord of the Rings Online so much.

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  1. Is this a serious video? Not sarcasm or a joke?

  2. are we really into an age already where vanilla wow is "old school rpg?"

  3. So I'm a huge fan of lotr. Always have been just like you. But this game never caught enough of my attention or care because I thought it was too old and I never thought the art style was good enough. If only it was more like the art style in Shadow of Mordor because that is spot on and I love that game, ive played it twice. I know that's kind of a petty issue, but it always has bothered me. Another thing is I think this game would take up WAAY too much of my time. I already have a massive backlog that I'm always trying to tear through it effectively and efficiently. And throwing an mmo in my queue would be very bad for times sake.

  4. Once u get to max level and delve into moutned combat, come back and tell us how fun this game is ;D

  5. He forgot to mention the lvling system for the epic weapons and armor and how you can unlock a war steed which you can use to help in raids and also how immersive the kins can be

  6. Did you call Dwarves Nasty ?
    Fuck youuu boii

  7. Too bad that i can't even install this game, wanted to try it out after watching this video but launcher just wont install game.

  8. Isn't Butterber the Prancing Pony's barkeep?

  9. Butternurr is the inkeep/barkeep that helps Frodo and the other hobbits in the town after they exit the woods and he has a letter for them from Gandalf he also has a bad memory as I believe he is much older than the game portrays him as.

  10. played lotro from isengard update up until black gate thingamading.
    Endgame became too grindy. I think Rohan update was the apex. Raids where extremely challenging but also rewarding. Hytbold left a little bitter taste for me but then again i only needed 4 pieces there and 2 from the ettenmoors. Yes… Captain. Specialized in healing, buffing, debuffing. rezzing and tanking… sometimes at the same time 🙂

  11. Love ya Nixxiom you actually seem like a real person

  12. I wish I had the time to play all these MMOs. Would love to go back to LotRO.

  13. The soundtrack, don't forget the soundtrack. It's amazing.

  14. Earned a like and a subscribe from me. Nice job.

  15. Especially the soundtrack is fantastic.

  16. Omg where can i get that desktop background :O

  17. butter bur is the inn keep of the prancing pony and the best side character ever, Duh!!!

  18. Know butterbur he is the innkeep of the prancing pony

  19. Would play it with better grafic

  20. Nix that wallpaper on your PC. Is epic! How did you get it 😲

  21. I feel sad for the people that actually played this.
    It's one of the most pay to win MMOs out there for the last couple of years or so – we are talking end-game gear on lootbox kind of s#it
    and that legendary server turned out to be a live version with a level cap and a gold wipe.
    Nothing was reverted back to vanilla version.

    If you get nostalgia issues , go play WoW.

    And Nixxiom i hope you got that T-shirt man , cause that was a very one-sided review and you did them a great favour here…

    PS. Ow and fyi , that legendary server is pretty much a ghost town as of today : )

  22. My friends stopped playing lotro years ago, I tried going on solo for periods, but the memories of the great times I had before with my friends eventually made lotro sad to play for me. Every time I logged on it always took me back. It's not lotro's fault, the game is truly awesome and it gave me so much for the years it lasted.

  23. LOTR has always been ready to be an mmo. This game was never it.

  24. Yeah you can explore middle earth 100% if you pay like 100€

  25. I big fan wow and Lord of the Rings fan your awesome video and you rock

  26. The best MMORPG ever, hands down!

  27. Nice video!! where did you get that animated wallpaper?

  28. It fills me with so much joy to see you so much healthier and happier. You’re an authentic creator! <3

  29. 4:11 No longer applicable 🙁
    Overworld content now melts if a gentle breeze comes close.

  30. never before has anyone uttered that tongue in my room.

  31. What a jorney, can't believe I never watched all your lotr stuff before

  32. By making the combat so risky, crafting also becomes actually potent at all levels.

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