American Marksman MY FIRST FARM & ADVENTURE! FULL GAMEPLAY!! | TC9700Gaming
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Welcome back to American Marksman! This time, we’re playing the full game for the very first time!! We get to pick our first farm and go on our very first adventure!! #tc9700gaming #americanmarksman

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Thanks again for watching 🙂


  1. When I download on my PC it say download on other devices and it won't let me download it on my PC any tips

  2. I have played it I and so good at it and it is so fun I play it everyday I have shot 40 animals

  3. I love your videos here’s a tip put the best scope on your gun to see the animals better from for away

  4. Try to shoot the animals in there lungs

  5. I just download the game like 3 days ago and I still don't know how to aimcinnamon the head is very good shot and you can get you can get a scope to

  6. TC love to have a live stream or at least to see a new video because I think if more people play the game The developers have more reasons to update it If you know the developers can you tell them love the game but I think we need over and under shotguns and night hunting With thermal scopes of course

  7. You should name for the vitals. That’s why you’re not. I have an issue. What is your three times

  8. Yeah I started playing and I showed my friends the game now all of us are addicted to the game

  9. I played it but I got it on happy mod for money

  10. Its the best!!! Hunting game for phone

  11. Reminds me of Hunting Unlimited series.

  12. Most definitely I love this game best mobile hunting game hoping they add crossbows in the future

  13. The new update is great you should play it again 😊

  14. I have played it with me tablet it's the same thing ❤

  15. You can go to the settings by the before and then you can put a scope for free on your gun

  16. Welcome to my very first gameplay of American Marksman! If the HD isn't processed yet, please refresh your page! The YT Servers seem to be running a bit slow today!

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