Adventure Quest Was Weird [Innovative Flash RPG] | Billiam ft. Negative Legend

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Adventure Quest was an incredibly ambitious project created by Adam Bohn, the founder of Artix Entertainment. Let’s go back and rediscover it so we can make a video about it and make that money, babyyyy

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  1. I remember playing the MMO version with the 13 lords of chaos which got my attention much more than the og Adventure Quest since I prefer the style more and it kept my attention with the stories and the fact that it's more fluid and well done.

  2. Why did you have to do this? Just because fans asked? You know almost nothing about the game.

  3. I grew up playing this game. It was so much fun

  4. Man it feels so good to be going back to this piece of nostalgia i spent houra playing this game i used to play dragon fable and aq and man when i bought my dragon amulet it was insane thank you fro bringing this back up shot out to all the fans lf this gem

  5. I literally have a lvl 76 account. I'm just watching this video and I feel good to know that this wasn't just a me thing. Lol.

  6. I will literally sacrifice my account to get an updated video on this with you going deep on this random dlc stuff. I literally bought a premium membership when it came out just cause aq was kinda like the first game like that I bought access to. I was like 12 lmfao.

  7. My friend is a massive whale in this game like well over 5K spent

  8. My only question is can you still play its today?

  9. Bro I wanted to be a shaman so bad 😭😭I remember this game wasting hours of my time just grinding thanks for the nostalgia bro

  10. bruh lemme tell you there was no bigger buzzkill then going to the library in 2005 with your measley 30 minutes of computer time and having to wait in a long ass queue to log in

  11. My dad fell for this game way back when. TLDR, I just got out of highschool and so he didn't have my consoles to play on, and they had those stupid Adventure Quest and Mech Quest commercials. One day I came over to visit and walked into his dinning room to see what he was up to. He was playing Adventure Quest. I'm like, "Oh, dad…. really?"

  12. This game got me addicted to browser MMOs for a while especially text based ones.

  13. Wild to make a video pining for retail stores to return… In February 2020

  14. Damn this brings back memories that had been buried for close to 20 years. Thank you for this

  15. I would not murder. Just smack REEEAALLLLYYYY hard. Screams internally at the shuffle

  16. Reminds me of when i couldn't play runescape because my parents thought it gave viruses. I remember playing this while my siblings watched iCarly, good ol days.

  17. I was what, 12 when this came out ? It's also the time where we were playing old school runescape and elastomania. There were not a lot of better flash games at that time to be honest. Or at least not one doing it JRPG style. Like maybe stickman RPG ?

    But I do remember the elemental counters being annoying cause you needed one weapon for each element xD.


    I liked the ride your own fucking dragon spinoff more. Because dragon riding.
    Dragon riding has always been the toppest of tiers.

  19. oh god, I forgot about Robina Hood. My first video game crush. And probably responsible for my general taste in women's wear.

  20. Adventure quest was fucking cool but mechquest was the GOAT.

  21. 12:01 I still pick up preorders from Gamestop to savor the experience of going to Gamestop.

  22. Who could forget the the dukes of Hazzard

  23. I still play some times. My hero Buffalo Humongous is an X guardian

  24. i used to loooove playing adventure quest i had all the best stuff me and my brother played it everyday when we were like 5

  25. Why was the first guy’s profile picture one of those raptor monsters from adventure quest

  26. omg I played this back when it was tangled up with One-Eyed Doll. It introduced me to the band and I still love it today, shame what went down.

  27. I only remember AQW. I also remember that my favorite character was Voltaire, a gothic musician who had a sick black acoustic guitar

  28. You can thank Oda for searching this and clicking your video
    He was playing rs3 and roasted this game lol

  29. 6:21 For a moment you sound like Shaggy when you say "Like, how am I supposed to do this?"

  30. BRUH, you just unlocked a hidden memory of mine.

  31. why no mobile its better than adventure quest 3d

  32. I loved adventure quest , I never even got to lvl 10 but it was cool lol

  33. maybe have to use healing spell on undead? such as the hungry zombie? also, you should start doing videos on some weird 80's shows such as alf 😛

  34. This game had more content than i was up for even back when I played it in like 2012

  35. tbh I accidentally stumbled onto AdventureQuest a long long time ago while i was new to owning my own computer at 13 years old. I tried AdventureQuest out and for some reason I didn't really like it despite me loving RPGs. LOL I also didn't like the OG animal jam either despite me loving animals so yeah. I was a weird kid but as an adult, I appreciate Adventure Quest 3d 🙂

  36. All my AQWorlds fellas gotta remember hanging out in the shop, buying and Flexing your event/rare armors and weapons.

  37. Adventure quest, Mech quest, dragon fable and Sherwood dungeon.
    Sherwood wasn't good but it could of been something

  38. This is the game I come back to at some point every single year and spend a month and a half completely absorbed in it.

  39. Playing Adventure quest, Dragon Quest, Maplestory, RuneScape, Club Penguin and Conquer online were my childhood. I’m like 22 now but those golden years still make me nostalgic

  40. Still remember playing yhis game when i was a child. I think it was 2006-2007 when i first played it

  41. The thing with Adventure Quest is yes they have micro transactions but it isnt predatory like nowadays

  42. Have no idea how or why I thought the AQ Worlds assets came from Adventure Quest

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