ADVENTURE ESCAPE:The Christmas Killer FULL Game Walkthrough

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Game by Haiku Games

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Detective Kate Gray is back in a new holiday murder mystery! A homicide victim is found downtown holding a familiar calling card – a snow globe. Kate realizes she is on the trail of the notoriously dangerous serial murderer, “The Christmas Killer.” Will the killer strike again in seven days? Or can Kate and her team solve this mystery in time for the holidays? Put your wits to the test now in Adventure Escape: The Christmas Killer!
Solve the mystery in Adventure Escape: The Christmas Killer! Can you track down the murderer before he kills again?


  1. are you playing this game on pc then tell me how to download

  2. Um, what? Why'd you skip Day 20? I have no idea how to get passed the boxes.

  3. Cheaters

    U s
    U sk
    U ski
    U skip
    U skipp
    U skippe
    U skipped
    U skipped d
    U skipped da
    U skipped day
    U skipped day 2
    U skipped day 20

  4. While making drink how did you put sugar

  5. 54:46 how did he get that code. The hints tell you to trace the symbols but it makes no sense


  7. For those wondering about chapter 20 it’s b10 15

  8. Please do NOT post a walkthrough if you skip parts jump over puzzles you "clearly" cannot figure out, and if you are just simply guessing on what needs to be done..SMH. Thanks to another gamer in the comments some of us were able to get things rolling.

  9. What happened to day 20 u idiot…..😡😡😡😡

  10. The pieces of my quilt will not rotate so I can't make them fit…anyone have any ideas?

  11. Kept getting stuck on the first pattern so I finally looked it up I did it right but it's not letting me move on looks jus like the one around 11:56, I don't Kno of this is a big but its not letting me move on

  12. WTH, the color code on day 24, (the part where Misty was kidnapped and put in a cell) it doesn't work i swear i did it like how you did!
    I confess i had to look at a different vid for this part, you got 2 colors wrong . Honestly thats not the only one but i wont write it any more.

  13. Ni siquiera sabes jugar, eres pésim@, enserio si no sabes jugar mejor no lo subas, además que te fuiste saltando y se nota que ni siquiera sabes lo que haces, me das pena 🤦.

  14. 41:17
    ..Aww Murphy..It was soooo Cute
    Murphy and Kate make a perfect couple
    Who agrees

  15. Viel zu schnell und viele mogeleien. Nicht gut erklärt!

  16. Why won't it save your progress? Some games do and some don't?

  17. Why is it 1475 for the box in the surveillance room? my mom and I have been trying to figure out why and dont understand

  18. I'm not skipping chapter 20, you need to put the stool under the pipe hole, n then you put the pipe at the faucet, then you put the dry rag at the water. It's for the dirty painting, there's the clue 🙂
    You're welcome.

  19. Where's day 20?????? I can get past the blue map with the squares!

  20. Hey did you skip some where because the help that I neend is cleary not in this whole video

  21. Thias tem mais difículdade de desvendar o mistério que eu🤦🤦.

  22. So the ending was like Freddie misunderstand his locket the "never you"

  23. Whats the logic behind the file folder puzzle? I don't know how to sort them except for the outer 2 folders.

  24. How to get pass this colors? I keep meshing the correct ones but nothing happens 😳🙄.

  25. このゲームをしている日本人はいませんか?ミスティーが誘拐されていて、カラーゴードを押すところが分かりません。上の階の絵を混ぜるの?緑は分かったけど、2色目が分からない。

  26. I can’t figure out the password on the IPad on day 24.

  27. Damn. Glad I'm not the only one that had issues mixing the mojito.

  28. It is not letting me go to another blanket for some reason
    I don't no what I am doing wrong
    Please help me

  29. The book in the attic at the orphanage on Android was changed the last page is diffent

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