Adventure Escape: Murder Manor: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 Walkthrough Guide (by Haiku Games)

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This is a walkthrough for Adventure Escape: Murder Manor (Mystery Room, Doors, and Floors Detective Story!) by Haiku. This covers chapters 1-4. See the rest of my walkthrough here:

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  1. This is quite interesting. I'm in the kitchen now. I don't know what to do with the drawal.

  2. Soy la única que habla español? Like y comenta de donde eres si tú tambien

  3. I don't get the key board do the numbers on the keys add up to the letter?

  4. How do I get off from the letters in the family tree?

  5. This game has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in video games.

  6. historiasdemiedoporwassap Clavijo Galán says:

    yo no se como hacerlo

  7. je n'arrive pas à allumer le feu de camps au niveaux 4 pour trouver la 4 éme statue dans le noir ?

  8. como hago para sacar la llave no entiendo ayuda

  9. Its hard on the blocks youmake it so easy im jealus now and mad

  10. I already messed up on the names on the tables 😂

  11. nao consigo sair disso clico na muro para quebrar e pegar a chave mais nao saio nem disso na primeira parte me ajuda ?

    I can not get out of this I click on the wall to break and get the key but I will not even leave it in the first part help me?

  12. I don't get the decoding the family tree part. How did you get the letters for that?

  13. RS Rose saniya Sana Eezam Insha and Salim says:

    thanks for helping 😊😊😊😊😊

  14. I'm unable to find the key and open the door ..why?

  15. Where can I put the letter "I" it doesn't turn it key

  16. Very angry with this game..
    Cant found the key…

  17. Eu adoro esse jogo e um ótimo jogo 😘😏

  18. Its weird not hearing you talk after watching all the other videos now lol. I like it better when you talk for sure.

  19. How did you figure out the family tree puzzle?

  20. 4:49 where did 431 come from. I thought maybe 041, 140, 190. I don’t understand the 3 at all. Someone please explain.

  21. Where did you get 431? Those numbers in the alley don't look anything like!

  22. Kok ga ada kuncinya sih kak….. Gabisa masukkk tolong🥺💥

  23. In chap 2.
    Detective has so much time cooking a chicken for a raccoon. Lol.

  24. Hi! Can I please know how to solve the family tree thing! Am confused how to! I kept on using only the common words but still am confused with the rest!

  25. 431? Wtf.. Where did u recognise that number for knife?

  26. ahh good memories. i remember used to play this back then

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