Adventure Escape Asylum: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 Walkthrough Guide & iOS / Android Gameplay

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  1. you forgot to place the dogs on the closet and follow in order what it says on the poster

  2. En español esta mal echo en la parte de la charola… te dice que pongas el postre en la sequin opuesta al plato frito… Pero en inglés te dice que abajo…

  3. ajuda para passar de nivel para bens gameplay

  4. por favor pásame el nivel de la caja fuerte. alguien no lo puedo Aser lo yse como me dijiste pero no dure como 1 hora asiendo. uno lo pude ser u porfa abla en español porfis como le asesoramos para pasar los juegos por dos pon me eso y abla en español si porfis

  5. thank you so much, i got stucked in the kitchen for a long time lol

  6. thank you so much, i got stucked in the kitchen for a long time lol

  7. Hola amigos!él código de la caja fuerte es así.. (3 veces a la derecha >
    < 4 veces a la izquierda
    5 veces a la derecha >
    < 2 veces a la izquierda
    2 veces a la derecha > )
    Ami me funciono así espero que tengan suerte!saludos!😊

  8. Gente como eu faço pra completa o papel

  9. How the heck are you suppose to get the code on that locker in the citchen?!? Theres 100 pissible ways to inteprate it…

  10. Y que Código es para el maletín? Xfavor 😢

  11. Thank you so much for helping me with the music notes in the kitchen, I never would have gotten that.

  12. Queria entender esse código da caixa da cozinha 😑

  13. Una cosa no me deja mover las hojas de la música como se hace???

  14. I can't arrange the music pieces, why is that?

  15. Thank you so much cus I got stuck at chapter 3

  16. Thanks soooooooo muchhhh I been stuck in that safe for over 2 hours I know sounds like an dumb lol but thankssssss😇

  17. The food tray was the most annoying

  18. Hai, namaku Wulan. Saya dari Indonesia.Terimaksih untuk video nya.👍👍

  19. What's the level of your IQ wait I wanna connect you personally… Please

  20. Everyone: talking about how annoying and hard the food tray puzzle is
    Me who did it first try without wasting any clues and think it’s really easy: Da fok u talkin’ ‘bout?

  21. My is the best of me I was just wondering how you doing tonight then you will have a good night baby I just want to be there in a bit of a sudden I don't want you so very true and you can do that to you later on tonight at my moms and dads and you can do that


  23. How does the oven door come open
    I do the same thing you do but my oven door will not open
    Please help me

  24. Thank you sooooo much for all your help
    I finally got it listening to count and helping me
    Thank you so much again

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