A Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Adventure: The Hellfire Club | Netflix Geeked Week

Stranger Things
Stranger Things cast reunite for a new Dungeons & Dragons one-shot adventure featuring ST4’s The Hellfire Club themselves: Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Priah Ferguson and Joseph Quinn. Hosted by dungeon master B. Dave Walters, get ready to watch Hawkins’ – or Hawk’s End’s – best adventures explore the Upside Down and face off against D&D big bad Vecna.

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A Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Adventure: The Hellfire Club | Netflix Geeked Week


  1. It seems very cool that the whole show is based from this one game which contains lots of fantasy and creativity. I really like that

  2. My favourite thing is that Joe gets progressively more and more into it as times goes by, I love it. By the end, he's so engrossed lol

  3. Joex2 just looks so confused yet still intrigued yet not at all. I love it

  4. Gaten describing the color of his turn undead and the explanation was absolutely beautiful!
    Made me kinda misty eyed tbh.
    Funny how the person with the silly name has one of the best improv skills and shines almost unexpectedly throughout the session.

  5. JOE IS SO READY😂😂😂😂😂🎉🎉🎉

  6. I love that Finn named the bird Rodrick, Because Rodrick is my name <3

  7. Finn looks more like a Teenage Mike here than Teenage Mike actually did in S4

  8. yknow what would be cool after season 5 they make another show and its basically stranger things but in 2022 and basically similar things happen maybe to the kids of the original group or it will happen to them agian like it did back in the 80s it would be a cool idea but probally wont ever happen

  9. ive watched this so many times and i will come back again and again its so so funny and brings me so much seratonin omg

  10. This was so much fun to watch! I have laughed and been in shock, it truly felt like watching a movie. Gaten being so much into it and Finn and Joe just making their own storyline with Stella is so special! Can't wait for the sequel! 😀

  11. Joseph plays like me just saying the most random stuff and giggling all the time 😂 and his weapon choice is spot on

  12. Iv’e only watched a little bit of this but why in the beginning the dungeon master (i forgot his name) was only looking at Gaten like he was completely ignoring finn and priah like there humans to-

  13. No one:
    No one at all:
    The autogenerated subtitles: “Veckna is dead!” “He killed my cat!”

  14. Funny how it's the same as when i began…players are like kids talking (specally Gaten, trying to be funny while is character is clearly not) all time to say bullshits…
    Not enought roleplay from them, too bad as the master is so good.

  15. "I thought it was like four" JAJAJA I CAN'T

  16. Dave Walters is such an awesome, charismatic DM. All the great ST cast aside here (not that the line up for the earlier dnd game was bad at all), his lively, engaging storytelling makes this game a lot more fun to watch

  17. Oh my god i know someone like Chad handstand

  18. Why does finn always find a love interest whenever he plays d&d💀

  19. My favorite character was Chad Handstand!

  20. These poor kid's legs got the shakes under the table. Everyone else is relaxed. The stranger things kids are hella jittery

  21. The Hellfire Club? Where that chubby Iron Maiden fan? 🫨

  22. I need this to be a weekly thing ASAP. Loved it!

  23. Joseph looks so different without the beautiful beard he has

  24. Ok I Absolutely LOVE that this ended in almost a parallel way to the D&D Vecna Battle scene in Episode 1 of season 4

  25. Hell yeah DnD goes ham everyone looks pumped lol

  26. That poor dungeon master.. He must’ve rolled high for constitition. There are some pretty stranger things going on here. The amount of tension whenever they mentioned alcohol was palpable. 9:40 Gaten just straight up disrespect. Lol

  27. 57:54 is the best part, where they're manifesting and after Joe's joy.

  28. I like the DM and group…. wish they would lose the background music.

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