A quick hawk adventure in GTA Online

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  1. Such heroism! When a Hunter pops countermeasures to a friendly birb, the world seems a little better.

  2. never noticed how much honking sounds there are in downtown.

  3. Gta Online in a nutshell:

    the game that the alpha tries to kill the other alphas and who think K/D & score matter.

  4. If he donated 750k and dont kill u he get the money back bjt if 500k he lose 500k

  5. Anyone that orbitals either an RC Bandito or Tank should have their account banned for stupidity.

  6. The Funniest Thing Happen To Me I Was Playing On My Friends Account And Me And 8 Friends Was Chilling At The Beach This Tryhard Flew Over And Started Shooting Missiles But What He Didn't Realize We All Was In Toreador He Ate Like 8 Missiles Then Left

  7. Bro a bird with a C4, god I love GTA 😂😂😂

  8. 4:05 Like All Tryhards Can't Count More Than His Fingers. Hahaha

  9. when you think after 7 years gtao. you have seen it all. get to see this hahaha

  10. Weazel news: griefer sets off nuke and shoots at bird for no reason because a bird flew towards him

  11. Birds when the government executes Order 66

  12. Dude spells loser wrong. Either a elementary school drop out or a 11 yr old

  13. I love the smooth transition from 3rd person to free cam.

  14. Gotta give it to you this time it was very heroic

  15. Wait, you can throw stickies as a bird? LMAO!!!
    I had a low level tryhard attack me while I was delivering cargo to my warehouse the other day. He kept tossing stickies at the armored truck I was driving and missing. I took him out with a single pipe bomb, lol.

  16. Man, bird migration season really came in with a bang

  17. This is what Alfred Hitchcock would want for The Birds remake

  18. I would be creeped out seeing a bird with stickys lmao

  19. Did he leave after orbed you? They say you don't pay anything if you leave after using orbital cannon.

  20. Everyone's gangsta until heroic eagle comes to lobby

  21. Broomsticks getting blown up by a bird or the idiot trying to shoot down a bird 100 feet in the air with a machine gun 😂😂😂

  22. When you reach 100 or 200k subs you should do a voice reveal, if you want ofc

  23. He's killing himself because of a *fucking bird*. Jesus Christ

  24. Hawks are predatory raptors.
    4:55 Hawks w/C4 are Ultra predatory raptors – as demonstrated here.

  25. that kill of the oppressor with a sticky bomb was heroic! amazing! the sad trombone sound makes me chuckle every time without fail! thanks for making me laugh today, its been a stressfull day and i needed that laugh 🙂

  26. please use Odysee 共匪 五毛 ن says:

    Last night, and night before, there was three helicopters, parked on the tarmac that way, I saw em. I said "hey you three helicopters! Why are y'all parked on the tarmac that way! There's nothing down there but tryhards!" And they flew away. I said "Aww dem were some birds."

  27. The return of imagine being a civilian and seeing a fucking hawk pinging c4 at you

  28. I rather getting blown up by this bird then a depressing flying bike 😂

  29. It's a shame that MKII's don't explode in a glorious blaze like the thruster does when that explodes. It'd make it so much more satisfying.

  30. The bird throwing a sticky bomb never ceases to amuse. And it's always great to see a wasted orbital. Heroic!

  31. Bird Vs Oppressor MK2 Winner: Bird
    Bird Vs Lazer Jet Winner: perhabs lazer jet
    Bird Vs Orbital cannon Winner: Bird
    Never challange the unbeatable BIRD in Grand theft auto V!!!

  32. Now this is the kind of stuff I like, none of those boring old submarine videos.

  33. This gracefull bird means freedom for all

  34. Very wholesome, very heroic! Made my heart warm

  35. Could imaging someon using the orbital cannon on a birb

  36. MK2: doesn’t solve the problem

    Noobs: Impossible!

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