A quick hawk adventure in GTA Online

Project Helisexuality
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  1. How do u to land when u in the Birds without a died in PS4? I tried to make a land carefully but I died with a wasted screen.

  2. It's funny when people orb someone. That means they are worth way more than a bounty. 😂😂 Unless they are a virgin and using a glitch.

  3. Can you help me and my little sister with the heist 🙂 three player cayo pericu

  4. Yep, everything is normal so far in this video.

  5. Why do you say attacc, instead of attack?? Trippy!!

  6. Need to be going to sleep rn but helis more important

  7. To see the blaze trail from broomstick is quiet satisfying to be honest.

  8. your rockstar editing skills really are like how sonny evans scripts his videos. It's art and heroic

  9. Everytime I watch ur videos it makes me laugh.
    U R Heroic!

  10. Yo I'm going out to help in war (not Literally) so my other friend doge demon is taking over. – A10 worthog

  11. How are you able to use weapons as an animal?

  12. Nice birdie. Love your outfit too! You must be a peach tree that turned into a dove of love. You are manifesting upwards generosity by investing your tithe on those sticky icky. Keep annihilating the unsaveable cacti off the 9th paradigm. Kram be praised brother, uncle!

  13. I dont see the point on wasting $750,000 just to hit one target

  14. I love watching tryhards getting taken out of their comfort zone

  15. MkII should blow up twice but the second explosive is bigger and louder

  16. Imagine using the most overpowered vehicle in the game and be killed by a fucking bird

  17. POV: You didn't pay your taxes and the IRS was too busy fixing Los Santos on a daily basis

  18. you don't lose money any more if the orbital miss

  19. It’s weird that you that silence in the video (besides the c4 and gunfire) i literally almost never hear the nature sounds

  20. the bird trolling videos are always my favorite 🤣🤣

  21. The awkward moment when that person can't even spell "loser" correctly🤦‍♀️😂

  22. You is Not Atk or Kta sit down somewhere says:

    Heli Heli 🚁

  23. Damn im was high and did injust watched in my videos

  24. These are my favorite to watch. When you drop bombs on them and those transitioning to Rockstar Editor are always smooth. I've played around with the rock star Editor and I know how tedious it can be at times. Good job on the video man!

  25. This thing too funny 😭😭 especially the Lil cinema 😭

  26. Bri seeing a Bird toss C4 is scary

  27. Uses a mk2 for a bird…. when they get desperate they really will do anything to get a kill

  28. Tryhard: Use Orbital Cannon to kill bird
    Tryhard: gets 1-0
    People in the Lobby: Wow that’s animal abuse, GANK HIM 😡

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