A few of our many adventure map buildings! #shorts

Songs of Conquest
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  1. Ohh noice, some of them are familiar from HoMM! ^-^

  2. Will buildings like the Aurelian Statue grant you a bit of movement back as well?

  3. This was interesting thank you! Will you be sharing the heroes of the game as well?

  4. I like the idea of building sites on the map, having little hamlets and villages throughout the map. 🙂

  5. Could you maybe show a bit more of the items.Espacilly the more "rare" ones with more "special" effects :)?

  6. Hope the game will advance classic HoMM design, because after playing little bit of Hero's Hour I found returning to the classic design little bit more boring than expected.

  7. AS and old school fan of HoMM3 this looks really nice! For sure gonna try this one =)

  8. The first PC game I bought with my dad was Heroes of Might and Magic (that is 1, not 3, that everyone talks about).
    This game brings back those memories, and I will buy this game for sure.
    Må støtte mine svenske naboer!

  9. is the watermill's water wheel not supposed to be spinning?

  10. Love it, BUT, there is no shadow left by the smoke. You can make it leave some transparent shadow. Same with the grass. Most elements seem to leave shadows, but not all.

  11. Just picked it up and the art is GORGEOUS!

  12. This game is gorgeous, bought it recently and about to start campaigns

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