8 Video Games That Needed DLC

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Welcome to Tues Your Own Adventure! Join Jules and James as they take a look at video games that needed dlc! These launch periods could’ve been so much better. #TuesYourOwnAdventure
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  1. Love the use of the big bird costume picture.
    That was from when it was stolen here in Adelaide from the sesame st circus!

  2. Mass Effect 3 got 3 essential updates: update to the base ending, explaining the Reaper history in Leviathan, and really emotionally sticking the landing with the Citadel DLC. Maybe it's more a case of "Most value added via DLC" than anything.

  3. I know it was very much overlooked, but the No Man's Sky updates turned it into a very good game worth a second glance.

  4. More Rockstar single player DLC! GTA V and RDR 2 are amazing but not all of us play online and are benefiting from all the hard work the developer puts forth on that end.

  5. My number one would be Mass Effect: Andromeda. I don't know what jerks decided not to release any story DLC for the game but I hope their current jobs involve cleaning the most disgusting bathrooms on Earth every day,

  6. FINALLY, another musical interlude. thank you for making my year.

  7. top ten moments in video game stories that were the emotional equivelant of a wet sock? Just a suggestion.

  8. I'm still a bit miffed that we didn't get RDR2 Undead Nightmare.

  9. Fucking mad max game needs a DLC! Best game I still play and want more of!

  10. Kirby and the super hard mode was pretty fun. Kinda sucks they hide a secret boss and ending behind it. Most will never see it.

  11. Remnants of Ashes is not Darksouls with guns Remnants is its on game and if you played Chronos you would know this but yes it could use more dlc. An some crying cause the bosses summoned hordes if you a ok group you shouldn,t of had a problem no wonder i can't find people to play with other than my brother i sad when a girl gamer had no problem here!

  12. Fallout 3. Without the broken steel dlc the ending was just so fucking disappointing. And with it, the ending was satisfying. It was a very great addition.

  13. Second does anyone know when these changes happened i haven't been on in a while for Remnants i mean ty 🙂

  14. Shoulda mentioned in Final fantasy 15 that 2 Dlcs didn't get added to the story but are canon some how The Episode Aranea and Episode Luna so the Dlc was not finished it was abandoned please research things a little more:)

  15. Why has Fallout 76 never cater to there gamers i as well as thousands of others have wrote in about how difficult the game is and now its one of my favorite games but completely unplayable cause evrything is my lvl i get 10 supermutants on me im dead heck i had 6 star ghouls on me at the airport right before the supply drop! When are they gonna fix that??? Honestly i was not finished the og game so the Dlc screwed me you should be able to play beat og than go to Dlc like every other fallout game. thanx for listening to me have a great day.

  16. 10 games with soundtracks better than the game.

  17. Have you ever done a video on best comedy games/best comedy moments in games? Maybe funniest pro/antagonists? The book from It Takes Two or Glados from Portal come to mind straight away!

  18. How about a video on video games which teach you useful real life skills.

  19. Don't know if this has been done already but "spinoff games that were better than the original"

  20. 🤘😆Anything Warhammer for next Tuesday😆🤘 or top mobile games

  21. Why not a list of cancelled DLC? Looking at GTA V in particular which had plans for a single player DLC that just never happened because GTA online happened

  22. The criteria for this list is confusing and inconsistent.

  23. Doom dlc: Make games easier so more people can finish it
    Fromsoftware dlc: let's make our game even harder

  24. 10 plot twists that change the whole game

  25. Games with mechanics that will stop your progress even stop you from continuing playing the game. Tales of Xillia 2 is one great example

  26. Mass Effect Andromeda… they teased the final Ark in a dlc, and never delivered. They could have done so much with it!

  27. Démon souls could have used a dlc for the land of giants

  28. For FFXV, it can fit both meanings of the video title… I wanted that Luna DLC, finally make her more of a character than Princess Peach.

  29. Here is an idea. About times when you thought you couldn't access some areas or quests after reaching a specific point, but in actuality they are always accessible.

    Some examples:
    In the game Pokemon Colosseum you have to catch specific Pokemon of your enemies. There are those bosses with Entei, Suicune and Raikou. I thought if I defeat them on the two encounters I fight them, I would never get them in that playthrough. In actuality I can fight them as much as I want later in an unlockable area after the main-story.

    Another game is Tales of Symphonia were you have to get right before the final boss to unlock every end-game content in the game. I never missed out on some content. I only never unlocked them.

  30. So this was supposed to be a video of 8 games that failed due to the lack of DLC….but your video was good too!

  31. I like the list 👍EA games should all burn though, that company is a cancer on gaming.

  32. 10 games that are only good because of the mod community…..looking at you Skyrim.

  33. Mass Effect Andromeda desperately needed DLC and never got it. So many teasers about the Quarian ark that we never got to see the resolution to.

  34. Jules, I just want to say you are amazing for positively addressing emotional and mental health at the end of your videos. Just knowing that little segment will be there is an amazing little feel good moment in the day, if only for the reason you're helping to chip away at the stigma surrounding mental health bit by bit. I may not know you, but I know you are a kick !ss individual, and let no one tell you different.

  35. Can you sing for real? That sounded really good

  36. That bonus inclusion nailed it on the head. Money. Game companies need to chill on the greedy tactics

  37. Jules’s and James’s chemistry makes these videos.

  38. Top 10 side quests items that make the entire story a cake walk

  39. That's an Ernie Ball mug, respect.

  40. Here’s an interesting one. Top 10 couch co-op games that ARENT Nintendo owned. Nintendo is always good about couch co op, but what about everyone else?

  41. Anyone else wipe your screen thinking his bike reflector was dirt?

    Just me?

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