8 Video Games That Needed DLC

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Welcome to Tues Your Own Adventure! Join Jules and James as they take a look at video games that needed dlc! These launch periods could’ve been so much better. #TuesYourOwnAdventure
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  1. I thought this was games that didn’t get a dlc that should have. Guess that’s a new video idea for u Jules

  2. The Crown Jules of the WhatCulture family does it again.

  3. Best survival games like Ark or Subnautica.

  4. in accordance with this ep. Games that need continuations..lost franchises that were great and need another part..Suikoden, Space Empires, Freelancer Kotor Dragon Dogma

  5. Gotta disagree nothing can redeem 76 wastelanders was too little too late as that's what should of been on offer on day 1

  6. No Man's Sky. An underwhelming, empty experience at launch (in which this poor, space sim starved sap achieved a platinum, in almost its original form), which has transformed into more than even the fever dreams of Sean Murray could ever have mustered when "exaggerating" his project to the media pre-launch. Simply, one of the finest games of the generation.

    But only after it was fixed.

  7. 7:05
    The pun and then the immediate boos took me all the way out. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. The fact that DLC took more or less than a decade to become normalised

    Scares me

  9. Lol you can hear the Warhammer clan screaming at those pics of the chaos God's

  10. no mention of mad max? a damn fine game that ended way too quickly 😢

  11. I think there should be a list of in-game items with suspiciously specific, but funny descriptions

  12. The only thing the DLCs for FFXV did was give a reason for each character's temporary disappearance at some arbitrary point in the story.

  13. Interesting that Jules is talking about the FO76 Wastelanders Expansion with disgust 6 months after the Brotherhood expansion release and in the same month the ET expansion hit.

  14. Best games that don't involve killing? Please bb

  15. Love the interactions between James and Jules.

    Think a good list would be 10 games that came out of nowhere.

  16. Dang I thought for sure what I provided last week out of the four suggestions one would have gotten chosen I even gave tons of examples
    So grrr lol

  17. I hate Ffxv for how it handled the dlc. Suddenly Sworddude is like "Yeah, I'm gonna eff off for a while now" or the pistol shrimp suddenly goes away. It was planned from minute one to grab more cash.

  18. On the Vermintide bit – well what's the point of any game? Look at games like Deep Rock Galactic and Killing Floor. Their entire premise is "get into a game and kill everything". Same here 😀

  19. No game needs dlc,that’s a fact.

  20. Kirby will obviously never be a badass(no nintendo,playstation,other weeaboo characters,etc arc cool not badass)final fantasy characters look like boyband members(in the case of the old titles the characters are the typical unoriginal weeaboo nonsense)& masochists aren’t real/hardcore gamers,these are facts.

  21. I'd add Borderlands 2 on this list, based solely on Jules' caveat/criteria. Now, don't get me wrong, Borderlands 2 is an AMAZING game and definitely in my top 5 of all time, but 2 DLCs took an already amazing game and made it god-tier for me: the Mechromancer additional character and Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragonkeep. Not everyone will agree that Gaige was all that great, but to those people I say, "look up her backstory audiolog here on YouTube." It's SO clever and funny and sets her up as SUCH an amazing character. But regardless of your feelings on Gaige, the Dragonkeep DLC is arguably the best DLC ever created for a game in history. Funny and clever, it manages to maintain the feel and a reverence of the main game while simultaneously combining a completely different genre. And then manages to tell a gut-wrenching story of loss and grief. It's unarguably the embodiment of perfection and brilliance!

  22. GTA 4 – Storys shpuld have been in the list, too.

  23. How about favorite pets in games? I was always fond of the dog from the ds game Contact.


    (For context, I live in Adelaide, Australia 😛 and I found the story for said theft hilarious)

  25. Stellar editing in this episode, well done lads. Thanks for embracing the chaos.

  26. 10 Great Games That Were Left to Die (for games that turned out to be awful).

    The fact that EA pulled DICE LA (the actual studio that saved Battlefront II) to start "work" on Battlefield 2042…..and we all know how that's going.

  27. When the screen was froze for the award Jules looked like Matthew McConaughey

  28. Where did you get that EB Slinky cup? I need it 😀

  29. Jules on Doom Eternal: Turn down the difficulty on the Marauders, please!

    Jules on Sekiro: MORE DEATH PLEASE!! 8D

    One of these things is not like the other!

    Seriously, the fact that people complained about the Marauders to the point where iD actually backpedaled and did it is . . kind of insulting.

    It's Doom, the only title besides XCOM to truly hold the title of 'OG Git Gud' before From Software ever had an idea of their Soulsborne formula. If you weren't white-knuckling your way through every encounter, I'm sorry, but you're doing it wrong.

    The Marauders were designed the way they were on purpose. They are corrupted Night Sentinels turned towards the Demonic side, which means they know all of the Slayer's OTT rage tactics because they're the ones who trained him 😶 They are specifically engineered to make you stop and think, rework your tactics, and try a different approach, and the fact that they had to be toned down for all the whiners out there proves nobody really got the point of the new games and the lore and flow they built from the ground up.

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You made them ruin something great. No, Doom is not for everyone. It wasn't for everyone back in the day. Some games you have to rise to the challenge presented by pushing yourself to your absolute limit because it fits the world and gameplay, not drag the challenge down to your level.

    I am so sick of this 'participation trophy' mindset that says games like Doom need to be made accessible to everyone. You're a rampaging monster who has given up his humanity to pursue his entire drive in life, which is taking the fight to the biggest, hardest, meanest monsters Hell can spit out. It's supposed to be difficult, and if you're not up for the challenge, then it's not for you. That's not unfair, that's just life.

  30. Perfect time for a video like this as I recently started playing Undead Nightmare on my Series X and really missing a time when single player dlc actually mattered and had care and effort put into it

  31. I thought this list would have exclusively titles that could have done well with more content added. Mixing in games that received crucial DLC works, though.

  32. i hate bosses that summon minions. it's an annoying mechanic, I think far cry 5 is the worst example with Faith's fight where she summons those terrifying zombie people constantly. Everything else about that character is amazing, but her fight just sucked.

  33. An idea for a list I have for you is the times when you needed to do side quests for costumes that you only use one time to progress the story of the game but the costume was either useless or you only got to wear it the one time.

  34. List Idea: Games with tidbits hidden past said games themselves. (like interesting stuff in the manuals)

  35. 10 video game villains that turned out to be heros

  36. Instead of all those hunts, Final Fantasy 15, how about just putting the plot in there to begin with? Square Enix put too much effort into an anime series, movie, and mobile game to make the actual game complete. I went to the exclusive launch event in LA and I was so excited! But then played the game and wondered what happened. My copy was glitchy so I had to get rid of it.

  37. I’ve always been interested in the stories of games that were completely changed and therefor ruined by producer/company interference.

  38. 11 "Lost" Video Games that need a port and/or remaster on the current gen. I.e PAIN or BUZZ on ps3, cant be played without a ps3, so ps4 owners cant experience it at all.

  39. 10:46 Immediate self-contradiction with Sekiro . So where do we stand ?!?

  40. Mass Effect Andromeda, they had DLC planned but gave up when bad reviews came in, some of the DLC would have helped with some of the complaints

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