30 Amazing Open World Games You Need To Play AT LEAST ONCE [2022 Edition]

The open-world genre has been one of the most prominent ones in gaming, and for good reason. This medium relies on giving players a sense of escapism, and what better way to provide that than letting them loose in a virtual world that’s filled with opportunities and possibilities?

We have experienced a ton of great open-world games in recent years, and here are 30 of the best of all time.


  1. I played Sleeping Dogs not to long ago and it was fantastic.

  2. I certainly would have first filled the list with every Ubisoft open world then moved onto others. I think they are just that good. It's simple as that.

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  4. You forgot Days Gone, its better than half of these games…

  5. Other games worth a mention:
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Dragon's Dogma, Sunset Overdrive, Days Gone, Dead Rising 3, The Saboteur, Elex
    Mad Max, State of Decay 2, Red Faction: Guerrilla, L.A. Noire, Destroy All Humans!, Outcast – Second Contact, Outward.

  6. Honestly prototype and infamous need new entry in current gen not a remake but true sequel

  7. FC2 was a an excellent game and I can't believe that it's 14 years ago since I was burning grass and fields down in the dead of night to show them who was the Daddy, as I watched from a distance. Loved that game!

  8. One of the missions in watchdogs 2 that really stand out is were you wrench gets helped hostage and you have to get his mask while shooting your way through gangs members

  9. Days Gone & MadMax are underrated. Farcry 2 is a masterpiece I really wish they did remastered it with better graphics. that would be epic.

  10. ?! Wheres kingdom come deliverance: royal edition?!

  11. My favorite open world game is GTA San Andreas. I played 3 and Vice City before it, but the thing at the time that I noticed and somewhat bothered me was the lack of anti-aliasing, low draw distance, and low shadow quality on PS2. I wanted it to be more immersive at the time. Haha

  12. I liked watch dogs 2 gameplay. What I disliked was characters and the story. It's very similar to new saints row. It's just bad.

  13. I would of replaced Saints Row the Third with Saints Row 2. But it was cool seeing a lot of games I played get love that's wasn't GTA and RDR (even though I love them too)

  14. Disappointment that you didn’t include any Yakuza games, or the two Judgement games. They are open worlds in the truest sense and every game has tons to do, usually more than 95% of open world games made in the West.

    Hell, Yakuza 0 has dozens of side quests, a full cabaret mini game, a full property mini game, a full RC mini game, a discotheque with its own storyline, a cat fight (women wrestling) mini game etc etc and that’s just Yakuza 0. When I say every game has tons to do in the franchise, I mean it. And then you have the amazing quality of the main story and the fantastic voice acting. I’m not even hyping it enough. Yakuza 5 is probably the single biggest open world crime game ever made.

  15. Witcher 3 is over rated. The campaign is too long and boring that less than 30 percent of steam users actually finish it, its still buggy and broken in 2020, and its combat and gear system is honestly trash.

  16. Top ten in my opinion:
    1= Days Gone & Ghost of Tsushima
    3. Fallout 3
    4. The Hunter: Call of the Wild
    5. Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005)
    6= Red Dead Redemption 1 & 2
    8. Witcher 3
    9. Oblivion
    10= Farcry 2 & 5

  17. Eh if you are going to play Far Cry, I’d go with 5. Different and more interesting story but still has all the goodness of rewarding exploration.

  18. ghost of tsushima i also platinumed such an emotional story (the rest was just ubisoft sidequests) . days gone on the other hand is completly garbadge. i paid 60 dollars for a buggy boring mess. the only good thing about days gone were the flashback scenes with the wife. the main story are just clearing camps and do fetch quest for camps wich are all different yes but not very interesting. copland was barly in the game ada tukker god damn i hate her, iron mike was interesting not gonna lie but after all that you find your wife and what happen than? she gives you fetch quests and does like she dont know you. at this point i said nope i will never play this trash again.

    so the years passed and everyone said how awesome it became and i thought maybe i was wrong. so i played it last week and my safe data was broken so i was back in iron mikes camp. i said ok not so bad lets go on. where is my bike? the map.says it should be here. oh its floating above my head. ok lets go to rikki and make a fetch quests. oh the game doesnt want to let me talk to her so load again. ok now it works. after a boring fetch quest the game had no sound anymore and then i said fuck this its not worth it i mean ive seen everything in days gone a million times in other games i dont need to play it.

    thats why i hope there will be a sequel that does everything right.

  19. No Metro Exodus? Channels like this never have the Metro series on their list.

  20. I think Bannerlord, Astroneer, Corsairs (lost ships, i think, was latest), Rust and some more great open world sandboxes worth mentioning

  21. Actually surprised skyrim's not on the list

  22. Love list all great games but for me ghost recon wildlands is a must play also the narrative pull me in and AC origins played it twice and harder difficulty and I own over 100 games.

  23. Not including Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Cyberpunk 2077 is a crime

  24. Now this is what you call a need to play list! Amazing games

  25. Red dead 2 is masterpiece open world game.

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  28. When you realize that you sat through a 15mins ad for miles morales…

  29. You forgot

    Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning
    Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 & 3
    Kao the Kangaroo (2020)
    Two Worlds II
    Jak 2, 3
    Risen trilogy
    Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned (sadly cancelled)
    PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

  30. Did my mans say "You meticulously craft your own tents" about RDR2? What? How?

  31. Days Gone deserves to be on this list. It's better than half of these games.

  32. Nothing can beat Red dead 2 and witcher 3 ! Gta 5 is shit !

  33. "Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR'S CUT" PC release News yet or any chance in Future 🤩

  34. Mad Max should be included with this list.

  35. For me Fallout 4 was the funnest I’ve had in open world

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