2010: Moby Dick | FULL MOVIE | Adventure, Action

A modern adaptation of the classic novel of the captain of a high tech submarine and his obsessive quest to destroy the enormous prehistoric whale that maimed him. 2010: Moby Dick

Barry Bostwick, Renee O’Connor, Adam Grimes, Michael Teh
Directed by Trey Stokes


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  1. Wait, what about the wooden boat from the books thinging

  2. Bu nə gic gici filimdi. Ujey bilmirlərki nə eləsinlərki qorxulu filim alınsın. Baliynanın ayağları çıxıb yeriyir ujey. Heyif buna xərclənən puldan. Çox bambılı filimdi. Nifrət elədim bu filimə.

  3. 1:18:00 what the hell kinda whale is this? literally so fake it makes me laugh, and also it has bear noises?? wtf is this shit!!

  4. What an incredible movie..Always been fascinated by what's lurking in the ocean..

  5. That is one spacious mother fuckers considering the little space all subs would offered

  6. Fortunately i literally skipped to the end…. XD

  7. I am loving all the comments. Any input on the version of Moby Dick "In the Heart of the Sea!?!". I loved that version!

  8. I don't think there will ever be a stupidest movie than this!

  9. This was dumb, bad acting and the whale didn’t look real. In a good movie the sea beast dies…

  10. Hilarious movie, everything is backwards and with a total zero understanding of science, zero understanding of aerodynamics zero understanding of hydrodynamics I just had to start laughing and watch some thing else I couldn't make it through the whole movie😂😂😂😂

  11. I hope the "actors" in this mess all received big paychecks. I hope the book was better.

  12. It was a proud of American military 🎖️, now West is a slave of islam

  13. Great version of "Moby Dick." Combination of Melville and a bit of sci-fi. Liked how they kept people's and ship's names from the original. Female "Ishmael" a nice touch.

  14. I bet Craig ho drove the 3cx would be able to them for you or borrow the jigs for making them Olly great video 👍💯

  15. LOL wtf the comments are just cringe! Are they all bots? These weird automated like comments remind me of the comments on THE SETH MEYER'S talk show!

  16. This is sh.t. The original with Gregory Peck is unbeatable…

  17. this is how it is if you want to deceive the world with low-cost films. this is all just bullshit

  18. One of the greatest special effects and top notch productions since Kentucky Fried Chicken and Amzon Women on the Moon.

  19. The red head on the Boston Whaler needs a good spanking

  20. Britney Spears ugly sister is an awful actress but definitely porno material

  21. Id like to see a movie called "Mega Shark VS Moby Dick"

  22. 22:33 Admiral De Deers: you know Ahab Captain's the Pequod now

    Boomer: new modified Virginia Class

    Admiral De Deers: modified by Ahab himself the most advanced boat in the fleet

  23. That Moby dick almost sounded like a livyaton Melville or a brygmophyseter

  24. I saw this about 4 years ago! It's actually quite entertaining!!! The only thing really missing was Quiqueg telling Starbuck, "Who-eee debbiloo? You tellee! I killee!!!"

  25. I just wanna see did the whale get the correct visual I expected something of scp169 but I guess not very small blue whale I’d say

  26. My gf just woke up up all excited and she she was like: " bae, they made a movie about you and my best friend."

  27. This might have been ok if it wasn’t for the captain named ahab and the wooded leg , makes it totally ridiculous and insulting to my intelligence. Please it like the said we have a descent story so how can we make it look as bad as possible to keep our ridiculous movie string going. Damm this is bad. Good lord

  28. Is physically challenged person can work in US Navy?????

  29. Love these cheesy B grade movies
    You just Neva know whatcha goanna get

  30. This is one of the dumbest movies I've ever seen….

  31. Whale climbing the mountain..😂.. Oh man..I had some good laughs 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Worst movie I have ever seen, worst acting, worst skills of directing. Idiot might have made this film

  33. utterly waste of time I will never get back bad movie at all costs horrible!

  34. My suspension of disbelief is not that big! @ 1:16 into the movie.

  35. I have saw exerpts. I am going to watch this with an open mind. my problem… This movie paints over a mona lisa. I going towatch it now. Ill update later.

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