20 NEW PC Games of 2024 And Beyond [4K]

The PC games market might just be at an all-time high at the moment. On one hand, there’s Sony who continues to push out its previously exclusive catalog on the platform and on the other there’s Microsoft which ensures that all of its first party releases work equally well on PC and are available on Game Pass at launch.

And all of that is in addition to the wealth of multiplatform releases that are set to grace the platform in the coming weeks and months. With this video, we will be counting down 20 of the best PC games that will be releasing in 2024 and beyond – right from highly anticipated sequels like Hellblade 2 to interesting new IPs like Clockwork Revolution and Nightingale.


  1. gotta love the way they made the horizon main character run, she looks bad ass rather then all the games. ngl i was kinda bored at first but shortly after going threw the quest i go stuck into playing it with her past.

  2. Whyyyyy. With all the technology we have nowadays people choose to make cartoonish crap and it makes 0 sense. I really hope GTA 6 isnt some arcadey nonsense.

  3. clockwork Revolution is another bioshock copy game.

  4. Who is wating GTA 6???😊

  5. State of decay 3 gonna take years probs 2027, they’ve had alot of mismanagement

  6. so most of these games aren't even out yet? more like "unreleased pc games of 2024"

  7. do you anyone want this game (mafia 2)(gta san anrdeas)(bully)( resident evil 4) resident evil 5)(resident evil 6 )(gta slim thug)___All games available

  8. what a bad year for pc games… oh wait any platform……………….

  9. Awesome new PC games video, have a great day GamingBolt.

  10. Senua is a Celt – not a Nord, and how in the heck is Pacific Drive a 'racing game'?

  11. To The Early Squad Reading This: sending hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe 🥰

  12. The only games on this list I'm looking forward too, are Dragon Dogma 2(which I pre ordered already) and Crimson Desert.

  13. Santa Claus: Wonka and that factory been ripping me & my workshop off for year now, Elf's Attack!

    Wonka: At least I have a job year around, Oompa Loompa Attack

  14. Kiryu and ichiban. Not majima and ichiban

  15. Gaming is worse year after year, golden age ended 15 years ago

    EDIT: Wow people are actually claiming we are living in the golden age of PC or overall gaming, with 2023 being better than 1998, 2004 and 2008. I mean what a load of dumb crowd you are. What is next, Lord of the rings is worse than New Star wars trillogy?

  16. What about Black Myth Wukong release date”August 20th 2024” I can’t wait for that one I’ve been watching it like a hawk!

  17. Wait… like a dragon 8 infinite wealth includes Kiryu Kazuma and Kasuga Ichiban… I wasn’t aware Goro Majima would be playable.

  18. Looking forward to Forbidden West, Dragon's Dogma 2, Star Wars Outlaws and Dragon Age Dreadwolf assuming that launches in 2024.

  19. Are there any games where I can play as white male?

  20. I’ve given up entirely on AAA games. Nearly every game I’ve played in the last few years has been Indy or AA. Every single AAA game I’ve played in that time has been a massive disappointment. These massive dev and publishing companies are evil crooks just like the rest of the huge corps.

  21. How many times are you going to rehash this last every week? lmao

  22. Love how Hades 2 just got a still image and nothing else

  23. Thaumaturge sold me the instant Rasputin showed up…and possibly the most Eastern European "Loony Tunes/Toons" reference on the face of the planet

  24. Like a dragon infinite wealth releases January 26th not February: Kiryu and Ichiban or playable protagonists not Majima.

  25. What a non sense video as GTA 6 wonr come to PC in 2024 at all but you listed it , while Black Myth Wukong announced the release date of PC and consoles on August this year last month but you ignored it. I doubt if you are careless or on purpose. How come you channel has over one million subscribers since you are so not professional! 🤬

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