15 NEW Action Adventure Games Coming to PS5

The PlayStation 5 is just a few weeks away and despite how much we still need to know, the excitement is palpable. What new adventures and dangers await with the next generation of gaming? Let’s take a closer look at 15 action adventure titles coming to the console.


  1. Ratchet and Clank Rift apart is going to be great and GOW 2 is going to rock

  2. PS5 is the place to go for the best First Party games

  3. Are we just gonna ignore all the xbox exclusives coming that btw look AMAZING

  4. Let's gooooo less than 2 weeks away I'm so freaking excited


  6. no harry potter hogwarts legacy love 🙁

  7. Every exclusive is also coming to ps4. So I am not buying ps5 for another 2 years or so.

  8. Well…Not interested in the ps5 but i know it will be a success.

  9. Wel i am happy that ps4 are still comming


  11. I’ll wait for the ps5 pro all games will come to the PS4 for the foreseeable future

  12. Spiderman Miles Morales is some very expensive DLC…

  13. Ff16 and Demon Souls alone is enough for me to go PS5. The faster SSD than the competition (pc included) is just icing.

  14. Can’t believe we are less than two weeks away from the next gen consoles. So excited!

  15. Ummm the PS5 edition of watch dogs Legion is not available Oct 29, the other console versions are. We don't know the release date for the PS5 version.

  16. The Suicide Squad game is a shooter?? Wtf 😂

  17. Believe it or not The Pathless is one of my most anticipated titles, glad to see it made the list

  18. Lot of these games are coming to Xbox and Playstation yet you title the video "games coming to PS5" ,which would give the wrong idea to people thinking these games are only coming to the PS5.
    Also, making videos with Playstation as your emphasis only makes the channel look bias towards Playstation.

  19. You forgot Horizon Forbidden West, aside of this, great video!!!

  20. I'm so excited for Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon Souls Sackboy Big adventure and GodFall!😁 Deathloop, Suicide Squad to kill the Justice league and the pathless also look interesting!🤔😊👌 Looks like the PS5 is shaping up to be a great console! Can't wait!🎮

  21. Rumors go that Techland is in talks with MS. I hope Dying Light 2 will still find his way to PS5 for all the fans.

  22. Surprising howgarts wasn’t mentioned in this list lol

  23. SOooo excited for the new Sherlock Holmes game!! Looks absolutely amazing in the trailer!!

  24. ok re 4 remake is not out and theres already a new re game wow

    edit: btw if theres any future people let me knoe

  25. Kena actually looks cool. Like a pixar video game.

  26. How was Demons Souls and Sackboy A Big Adventure not on this list?

  27. Hey can anyone give me info on if wwe 2k19 will be on PS5?

  28. What a mess, this video. Those are not all Action Adventure titles. PFF

  29. 2:00 – Nobody can convince me that he didn't say "Xbox One and Penis 4."

  30. I've been playing Watch Dogs Legion for a couple of days now and, while it looks beautiful (and the driving is a lot better than it was in the last Watch Dogs game), the story and the dialogue are sooo boooriiing… Almost put me into a coma.

  31. Aside from hogwarts and horizon 2 great video! It’s also good there are some good single player games in the pipeline going forward, was worried they were slowly dying out

  32. Really annoys me how i cant just look forward to one game thats not futuristic fake shit… just one good game thats not cyborgs or flying bulls or something stupid. Great if you like that shit but i just want one game to look forward to that isn't futuristic or supero or anime

  33. Hi – please do you know if there's a version of Monopoly that will play on the PlayStation 5?

  34. I’ll just be happy if God of War Ragnorok comes out this year.

  35. So stupid lord of the rings golem, if it was a full fighting game would be epic, should be Gandalf legolas the lot

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