15 BIG Action Adventure Games To Look Forward To In 2021

2021 is already looking packed with several big RPGs, open world titles and shooters set to release. To that end, one can also look forward to exploring new worlds and compelling new stories in the action adventure genre. Let’s take a look at 15 action adventure games coming this year.


  1. Control, Deathloop, Open Road and Far Cry 6 these games I'm looking forward to in 2021. I

  2. god of war ragnarock is going to be awesome

  3. Pop sat remake is gonna make me remember a lot of childhood memories

  4. I would rather have a delayed game then to have to go through what CD Project Red put us all through. It's always nice to have a game that actually works and doesn't have so many glitches and bugs. So I'm ok with any developer that needs more time to get there games right to begin with. Thanks for keeping us informed and updated on what's going to be coming and it doesn't matter if it's sooner or later just as long as they get it right.

  5. Hood outlaws and legends reminds me of the old AC games and rdr2

  6. from the list i am into deathloop and evil west

  7. What is action adventure? Cuz imo deathloop is a fps but I don't see it as action-adventure cuz there is no adventure, as far as the plot goes the mc is in a loop meaning he is not in an ongoing adventure. Idk but I feel like deathloop is included just to fill the list which is sad if you think about the fact that there are other games that could have made this list

  8. That's why you buy a PC people, so you can play all these games

  9. It's to bad that Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be digital only.

  10. Same games in every f****g video
    Where is Shadow Warrior 3 ?

  11. All MICROSOFT owned studio games that I want to play will be purchased used because I'm not funding MICROSOFT's future games that may never see the light of day on the PlayStation. #PlayStation5

  12. March 2nd for Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga!

  13. LOL@ PoP remake at number 1. Yeah… that game is about to get canceled.

    Think I'm looking forward to maybe 3 of these games… Yeah this was a meh list.

  14. Deathloop looks awesome! Does anyone happen to know if that is just a single map "rogue like" style game where u learn new skills or unlock new areas each time you play to go further? Or will it have multiple different locations or maps with different targets?

  15. PoP SoT… why is it delayed again? They already made this game and they are only improving graphics. Its not like its RE2.

  16. They all look good, they seem like a mix of games between, Control, Dishonored 2, Skyrim and Assassin's Creed type, could be fun.

  17. Stop putting God of War Ragnarok in your videos, game's not gonna release 2021, ffs.

  18. I MIGHT play lego star wars with my lil bro but other than that im sleeping on all these titles.

  19. these all seem very meh. Except for the vampire coop game.

  20. Honestly, it's been kinda hard to get hyped for the games on their way out because of how difficult it is to get a ps5. It's been literally impossible if you're someone who doesn't wanna bend to the absurd prices that are attached to the consoles that are available. Now there are rumors that it may stay this difficult to buy one throughout the rest of the year.This truly hasn't been a good console launch. Worst one i've ever seen in my 25+ years of gaming actually.

  21. Crimson Desert looks good, but I'm expecting mass Micro-Transactions just like BDO. The devs are nothing more than greedy money hogs, so expect to be spending hundreds of dollars for stuff in-game.

  22. Deathloop is a timed exclusive right?

  23. Kena looks like Zelda but for playstation and I couldn't be more excited

  24. 🙄 Well at least we have gta 5 remastered to look forward to.

  25. I say this every time. GOW is releasing in 2022. There's no way it releases this year. We haven't seen anything about it

  26. Looks like gaming is at its end , we will never get the ps2 era ever again … Now let's make way for games online games that are filled with microtransactions and single player games with progressive characters and shitty gameplay and story. Ffs

  27. Can you write the platforms under the name of the games?

  28. Pop has been indefinitely delayed, so makes the commentary somewhat pointless

  29. Damn, I object to your statement that the Prince of Persia remake is updated and improved. Have you seen how the game looks? It is like a cheap version from Bollywood in comparison with the original. I would even compare it with Mulan animated movie and Mulan 2020. That is how bad it looks.

  30. Most of these games didnt need to be made! Make so great games that we dont mind paying $69.99 for! I can truely saying im not buying any of these games

  31. The action adventure genre is from the ps2/ps3 era, before open world games flood the market. Personally I am just tired of huge open worlds and like to return to the past. Ahhhh, those days were great!

  32. Is there a way to see what games are released on what platform ? For future reference? Thanks @gamingbolt

  33. Almost 4got half these games. Glad to be reminded

  34. Thanks for the heads up GamingBolt! Hoping I can do a gameplay vid on one of these games. Particularly God of War Ragnarok. 😱

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