14 BEST Adventure Games You Didn’t Play

There was a time when adventure games were some of the most dominant and popular in the industry, and though there was a period where they’d started fading into the background, over the last decade, thanks to the effort of developers like Telltale, Quantic Dream, and Dontnod, they’ve become quite popular once more.

Clearly, this is a genre that’s been quite important in the industry over the years- but that also means it’s delivered more than a few games that may have flown under your radar. In this feature, we’ll talk about 14 underrate adventure games that you should play, but very well may not have. So without further ado, let’s get started.





  1. I love Dreamfall The Longest Journey and Grey Matter!

  2. It's called "The WhisperED World", not WhisperING.

  3. Nice list, as someone who entered the adventure genre in the mid 2000s I feel always a bit annoyed and tired when people begin to ramble about their Lucas Arts and Sierra-titles for the hundreds of times and even have the nerve to claim, that the genre is dead, even though there are so many cool games out there like Gray Matter, Lost Horizon, Dreamfall and so on. It would really help the adventure-genre, if these people would get their heads out of their butts and see what they are missing.

  4. I own the Longest Journey and its sequel but have yet to play them

  5. Got a new list of games to play now I guess lol

  6. Primal for the PS2 is totally underrated.

  7. I've played lost horizon and it is one of the only point and click adventures where i found that almost every puzzle was logical. Therefore it was somehow easy but still rewarding.

  8. I actually played dream fall the longest journey specifically it’s sequel but that’s just my opinion.

  9. I played all the Dreamfall games. Though I sort of lost interest after the long production time between the 2nd and 3rd game.

  10. Besides dreamfall All these games are over 20 years old like com'on gamingblot there is reason why most people haven't played them because they are ancient relics in the gaming industry today!! LOL!!

  11. Most of these I've played. Great list guys !!

  12. The Dig was awesome.. a lot of folks overlooked it. The soundtrack alone is a classic!!

  13. How about
    Lure of the temptress
    Beneath a steel sky

    Or maybe these are not considered underrated?

  14. Excellent list! I love adventure games and I have totally forgotten about some of these. Gonna go back and revisit them!

  15. Fabulous list! I am currently playing Lost Horizon. My favourite point and click would be the first few Broken Sword games. The last few in the series didn't quite hit the mark but I still whole heartedly recommend the series to anyone who enjoy this style of game. 🙂

  16. Toonstruck is one of my top 10 best games ever. Still want to see a remaster or sequel.

  17. I thought it was Rick Grime's in the thumbnail 😂

  18. I haven't played a lot of these, looks like I've been missing out

  19. Dreamfall: the longuest journey is one of my favorite games ever. Zoe <3

  20. I'm surprised by the lack of mention of any games from Wadjet Eye. Unavowed, Shardlight, Technobabylon, Gemini Rue, Resonance, and most especially their Blackwell series. Some of the best modern adventure games. Also no love for Dropsy or Thimbleweed Park?

  21. If you really like adventures games, then you have played all of these games..

  22. Yea discworld was great! Also the discworld noir game that came out later.

  23. The game Shanara was cool. The character's en writing was very good.

  24. “Another Code” is called Trace Memory in North America if anyone has trouble finding it 🙂

  25. Zac Makraken…. late 90s?…. try late 80s.

  26. My biggest gripe with adventure games, especially older ones, is how the puzzles more often than not, test patience and perseverance rather than wits or problem solving ability.

  27. Yes to Toonstruck! Such a shame that it never received the sequel it screamed out for.

  28. Discworld I would like to play hey GOG you listening I will buy this game make it happen already

  29. I own Lost Horizon but haven't played it yet

  30. It is actually called The Whispered World and yes I have played this game twice on my channel once with commentary and once without

  31. I own Freddy Pharkas but haven't played it yet

  32. Gray Matter I bought this game when it was available on GOG however I haven't played it yet.

  33. I loved Toonstruck it really needed a sequel

  34. Zak Mckracken is one of the few Lucasarts games I haven't played

  35. I own all of the Kyrandia games have yet to play them for my channel

  36. Dune I remember playing back in the day I also remember not getting very far.

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