12 Best NEW Games To Play In June 2024

Force Gaming
What NEW Games are coming in June 2024? Let’s take a look!
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00:00 Best New PC Games Coming in June 2024

Best NEW Games:
00:08 Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Road – June 3
02:10 Tarisland (Sponsor)
03:06 Destiny 2: The Final Shape – June 4
05:15 Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree – June 20

Honorable Mentions:
07:34 Chernobyl Liquidators – June 6
08:12 V Rising (PS5) – June 11
08:58 Soulmask – June 18
10:00 Aska – June 20
11:21 Life By You – DELAYED

Beta Tests:
11:49 Tarisland (Tech Test) – May 27
12:10 Corepunk (Alpha 2) – May 27
12:57 Bitcraft (Alpha 2) – June 17
13:54 Path of Exile 2 (Alpha) – June TBD
14:25 Summer Games Fest – June 7

15:09 My Top Picks This Month

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  1. They should release them now.
    im dying to find a new good game…

  2. They need to remaster this game already. The graphics and combat is what keeps me from playing this game

  3. A rather lackluster roster of games. The decline is real.

  4. Using specialized equipment to fight radiation..
    -uses shovel to drop rock off roof

  5. im literally gonna play none of this garbage. ill stick to little known galaxy

  6. this year has been the worst in all gaming history we literally got 0 triple A games or any game that has a decent story

  7. Love these videos where you consolidate the MMO / games news for the month. 🙂 Keep them comin'!

  8. Aska looks pretty good. It's kind of niche though.

  9. Yo Force, you need to check out Abiotic Factor. Extremely up your alley and is one of the best early access games ive played in the past few years, up in quality to V Rising

  10. Elden ring pc port was complete disgrace! Forbidden west and ghost of Tsushima on another level! I hope they don’t do the same crap because it was horrendous locked on 60fps and not supporting 21:9 plus some performance issues in some fights. Had to mod it and that just made it offline – nullifying the reason I bought it. Could just torrent it if I’d play offline

  11. Shifty month for games… guess it'll be more deep rock for me

  12. I respect your hard work searching and making videos

    But i see all the new games is unplayable the idea is same

    But look at “Fortnite” back in 2018 it has great idea with the way you play with buildings the games were insanely crowded .
    I mean now Fortnite is being unplayable also the call of duty or WarZone the cheaters especially the DMA users is taking over all the games now is basically as I see almost those games are going to dead.

    I’m surprised that no companies came up with new game with generous idea .

    Like if you agree 👍🏻

  13. Literally haven't played any of these in years cause it's too much to keep up with and to much to buy 😢😢😢

  14. sorry, but who is in the wrong here? steam page says its "Chornobyl", here it says "Chernobyl". FC, what do?

  15. Very interesting, Hope to get to play some of these, keep up the good work <3

  16. Man the summer really sucks for gaming 😔

  17. It feels like it's too late to get back into destiny but I'd love a destiny 3

  18. So basically just Elden Ring for the console community.
    Good if you could add time stamps,

  19. Soulmask is out now, it released on May 31st I believe. I'm playing it right now! =P

  20. You pronounced Miquella how???!!!! 🤦‍♂️😂

  21. 2:15 “the game features the holy trinity of classic warrior, mage and priest archetypes”

    Archers: “am I a joke to you?”

  22. But I’m still playing baldurs gate 3 🥺🥺

  23. Playing a game/update at least once a year….wooo, then you re a real expert, arent you….

  24. Played the ASKA: Demo a few times through, it ends today but I believe they will have another one on the 10th before their EA access on the 20th. It was definitely the best Survival Crafter/Builder/Colony manager I've played in a while. Highly recommend trying it out!

  25. I want POE 2 !! and plan to play Tarisland! I really hope Tarisland is as good as it looks.

  26. Great video! These games are really great. Thanks for sharing them. By the way, my game, Medal Winners 24, will be participating in Steam Next Fest, it's a 2D retro looking sports game similar to the Olympic games. I hope you like it. I'd like you to stream it.

  27. I love these cover videos for upcoming games

  28. Can you reviewers stop posting dlc. How the hell is DLC a new game?

  29. why are people still advertising the pay to win trash, tarisland?

  30. No more the likes of Lies Of P ! Way too hard. The freaks love it but the vast majority of average feels like: I want my money back

  31. you Should do a Video on the best Cross Platform games. MMO's that can be played on PC and Console. Like Diablo and such

  32. Elden Ring DLC and FFXIV early access expansion release. Banger of a month, gonna have a blast this summer.

  33. 2024 electric cars , flying in space, nuclear weptions yet we still dont have any game better than wow,apex,pubg,lol,dota. hopefuly soon it will change

  34. Don’t forget 7 days official release out of early access lol

  35. lmao dlc and expansions are classed as new games now.

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