11 Best Action Adventure Games of 2021 You NEED TO PLAY

2022 is looking like it’s going to be a banger year for gaming (barring mass delays, of course), but even though 2021 didn’t have as many massive potentially all-time great releases as it looks like the coming year is going to have, there was still no shortage of excellent games to play throughout the year.

Here, we’re going to take a look at some of our favourite action-adventure games of the last 12-month period, before picking one of them as the best of the lot.


  1. can anyone recommend must played game ?

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  3. Guardians of the Galaxy was my GOTY and what I expect from the next Mass Effect. Such a great game.

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  5. The first judgment is really fun. Excited to check out the second one. Great visuals too and combat is a mix of brutal and stylish

  6. I think the nostalgia speaks for itself…I saw many sites and publications praising Metroid Dread but honestly it wasn't THAT good, it was decent but there are many games on this list that are better.

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  8. Kena and Far Cry 6 and Bright Memory. Bright Memory deserves a spot.

  9. The sooner one realizes guardians of the Galaxy is mandatory playing, the better.

  10. Guardians was an awesome game in every aspects and yeah it was a surprising release but personally I loved every part of this game and it's my GOTY:)

  11. Do y'all think that Square Enix will make more marvel games in future??
    cause guardians of the galaxy was simply an awesome game and imo the story of avengers was also good but yeah clearly they have the talent to make great games and seeing the recent success of GOTG, the chances of them doing something in marvel universe is pretty good and personally other than insomniac I want SE to make more marvel games in future so a sequel to GOTG or a new marvel game would be awesome but we'll see.

  12. Guardians of the galaxy deserves all the praises it gets. It’s a throwback to linear single player games without that Ubisoft bloat.

  13. Who here finished RE Village 8 times like myself? This is the best game of 2021 for its replayability.

  14. Excellent video GB☺️ happy holidays, may all of your goals and dreams come true.

    My top games of 2021:

    Resident Evil Village
    Flynn Son of Crimson
    Deaths Door
    The Ascent
    Psychonaughts 2
    The Gunk
    Halo Infinite

    Most anticipated of 2022 and beyond;

    There Is No Light
    Shadow Warrior 3
    Weird West
    Evil West
    Warhammer Darktide
    Stalker 2
    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands
    Black Skylands
    Core Decay
    Silksong ( hopefully )
    Wolfenstein 3
    The Outer Worlds 2

  15. Man gaming bolt is on a roll with all these year-end lists. Even though alot of games are overlapping in the lists

  16. I'm currently playing the Gaurdians of the Galaxy and highly recommend it. A little repetitive at times but the comedic story telling is fresh new tempo for action shooter and entertaining. Any ME fan should pic this up

  17. Well the best game of the year that's your decision in the staff I don't feel like any games the best you can't tell me what games the best sorry to tell you

  18. Like I always say I don't think any games the best

  19. Big disagree on Metroid Dread being the best of the bunch. GOTG and RE Village are much better.

  20. I don't NEED TO PLAY these games of ultimate CRAP!

  21. I wouldn't consider RE Village to be an action adventure game but more of a survival horror game

  22. Nier replicant despite being a remake is one of my favorite games of this year

  23. So many games. Very hard to pick the best. To me, almost any of these (and 100+ others) could have been given title of "Best Action Adventure Game of 2021". Not gonna argue. Good list.

  24. TL;DW

    No More Heroes 3

    Death's Door

    It Takes Two

    Lost Judgement

    Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

    Resident Evil Village

    Psychonauts 2

    Metroid Dread

    Far Cry 6

    Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy

    Ratchet And Clank: Rift Apart

  25. i love you guys but 2021 and I still have to mouse over the bar and search for the next game…

  26. And yet Hollow Knight is better than Metroid dread in every way.

  27. Metroid Dread a better game than Ratchet and Clank a Rift Apart??!! ahahahahahahaaaha
    This is shit!!

  28. Hands down resident evil village was an amazing game also how come people say kena is only on PS5 I literally got it on PC from epic games?

  29. Guardians of the Galaxy I want it so baaaDDD!!! but MY graphics card doesn't reach the minimum requirements. I got myself a GTX 1050ti in my budget range.

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