10 Unbelievably Fast non-HSW Cars in GTA

In today’s video ill be playing in GTA Online and showcasing the 10 Fastest cars in the game!

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  1. The Benny's Weevil has a top speed of 137mph

  2. Pooborama?Can you add the name of the car in text?Thank you.

  3. I have all of the HSW Vehicles I did a video on all of the upgrades on my YouTube Channel
    GTA Online Next Gen Xbox Series XIS

  4. Coil Cyclone II HSW Fully upgraded Is the Fastest Electric Car in the game.

  5. The deveste eight is the nicest looking car on this list

  6. Are you saying "curve appeal"? lol. Pretty sure it's curb appeal, and it refers to a house.

  7. actually the fastest no booster car is weevil custom but it's horrible to drive and mad ugly

  8. I don't like bug antenna mirrors and overly large spoilers. Takes so much away from the car itself

  9. so the ZR 308 is the fastest car in the game not including HSW vehicles?

  10. invetero coquette d10 reaches 180mph btw

  11. My favourite is the pfister 11 aswell proud it’s on the list 😂

  12. thanks its super helpful cuz im still on old gen and for pc player

  13. Krieger / Emerus / BR8 Are we jokes to you? Those 3 have the best lap times when it comes to non-HSW cars.
    The BR8 literally beats every HSW car when it comes to lap time. The only ground vehicle with a better lap time is the HSW Hakuchou Drag.
    But if we exclude Planes, Helicopters, Motorbikes (Powersurge/Shotaro), and even HSW, Open Wheel, and weaponized cars, to make your list less inaccurate, the Emerus and the Krieger are still the 1st and 2nd place performers. With less than 0.3 sec difference in terms of lap time. And they're followed by the LM87, Vagner, S80RR, Thrax, and Virtue in this order.
    Which would make a list of top 7, out of which you included none, even though one is literally free, and can be heavily armored.

  14. I'm on Xbox One.
    A release year Xbox one.

    It's been moved from numerous friends houses, and three different states. The ONLY thing not functioning on it is the disc reader inside the disc drive.

  15. Hsw is bullshit. Sometimes around 1million just to have access to it and then u still have to pay for the few upgrades u get and there isnt much and they cost more than the regular upgrades. All just to go a bit faster and u don't really need to. U could get 1 or 2 cars for the cost of some hsw upgrades. A waste of money.

  16. You can also get the removed cars spawned in your auto shop from the customers. It significantly increases the odds and lessens the time to be able to purchase a removed car.

  17. The MT is piece of shit the handling is so bad and the engine sound generic

  18. how much money would it cost to get the zr 380 in total? With arena war and the cost of the vehicle?

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