10 Single Player Games to RETURN to in 2024

Here are ten games you probably need to get back to in 2024.
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  1. I loved AC Unity when it came out. It was like a french twist on AC2. To say "the story isn't great" ..I'm disappointed in you Falcon, the story is Romeo and Juliette, one of the best stories ever written and it fits AC perfectly with its two warring factions.

    In addition I recommend the Ezio collection. I replayed and finished those games last year and it was still surprisingly enjoyable for games that old.
    Ezio will always be the most popular assassin in AC

  2. Remember Me….one of the best looking games of the PS3 era. Interesting story and combat system as well.

    If it ever gets a modern rerelease, this is a game I wouldn't mind playing again.

  3. I honestly don’t like single player games, I end getting bored after a while and hopping on a multiplayer game but days gone is on of the games that I had tons of fun playing.

  4. I never finished Days Gone because it felt very repetitive and the story wasn't compelling enough

  5. Every subscribed or liked comment
    I will do 10x+ push ups.

  6. I loved days gone and im hurt it ended on a cliffhanger I need part 2 now 😢😢

  7. I'm usually not a big fan of Ubisoft, but the amount of work they did on recreating the old Paris is amazing. It's a virtual city museum. I'm not even sure there's a similar experience on VR atm.
    Do not visit Paris, play this game instead.

  8. I definitely got bored playing Days Gone at first and stopped playing it in a while, but when I decided to pick it up again, the game is fun overall specially at the 2nd half of it. It's not the best, but definitely worth it. Will even play again if there's a second one in the future.

  9. I'll forever defend Watch Dogs 1- it was better than 2 imo.

  10. Days Gone was a great game; beautiful open world, decent story, and fun, but ultimately it didn't bring anything new to the table and wasn't polished. A 7.5 imo.

  11. I like the idea of Days Gone
    but it''s too hard for me, learning curve too steep, no time as a working dad

  12. W40K: Boltgun takes place on the same planet, Forge World Graia, that Space Marine takes place on.

  13. I started playing Thief again. (2014), and wow what an enjoyable game that is.

  14. Alan Wake II was one of the few AAA games I've played recently where I quit 1/3 through out of utter boredom. Yet Control was one of my all time faves and I've replayed it twice so far.

  15. Every single gamer I've talked to: "Days Gone was so good!!!"

    Game journalists: "Gamers shrugged at it"

    Buzz off

  16. I loved days gone, currently doing new game+

  17. Alpha Protocol has been in need of a sequel since forever..

  18. days gone good game and deserve next part. no spiderman 2 no hogwards legasy , give so mush good feling. good story to

  19. Alpha Protocol is one of the few games I immediately started playing again as soon as I finished, and then a third when I finished the second. And I still didn't see everything.

  20. Great vid. The only one I would add on the list is Detroit Become Human.

  21. Days Gone surprised me. I've never owned or played PlayStation games, and I didn't have good expectations for a PC port of a PS title, ports being what they are. Days Gone consumed a month of daily gaming for me. I was obsessed with it. Hands down one of the best games I've ever played, do NOT sleep on this title!

  22. Days gone is nothing short of a great game.

  23. I couldn't get passed Days Gone first few hours… it was just SUCH a grindy boring slog! AND the story is for 13yo Edge-Lord boys…

    And the zombie enthusiast in my brain can't help but think of his loud-assed bike as a rolling dinner bell for the undead: he should be arriving everywhere with a zombie hoard hot on his heels, and every zombie in a mile or 3 of his location alerted and shambling toward wherever he'd parked…

  24. I just got done replaying Unity for the first time in almost a decade and I do not recommend the PS4 version. The Pro might run a little better but still not recommended. And you can probably forget 100% and settle for 99%

  25. The spider man in this video sounds like Morty

  26. I loved Quantum Break. I need to try Control.

  27. I hate hordes in zombie games !!! The rest of the game was great!
    Quantum Break was a Great game as well
    Control was amazing!
    Unity is Shite with great graphics!!!

  28. I love people called the first Space Marine game a “Gears rip off”. Especially considering it’s probably the other way around.

  29. I played Days Gone a couple of years ago and I found it a great and very enjoyable game, I can only guess that it was heavily bugged when it came out since I could never understand all the criticism. AC Unity is a beautiful game, but still has enerving gameplay and a pathetic story and main character (I guess it would be much more interesting to play as Élise).

  30. Man it seem like people are so hard on video games. I actually enjoyed quantum break, it was fun

  31. I totally agree about Days Gone. I watched a friend play it initially and I was not impressed. I later tried it myself and after the giving it some time I got hooked and I can say now it's one of my favorite games to come out in the last 10 years.
    Also The Last Guardian was amazing as well. I feels like almost Noone played/ beat it. Such a great story and experience.

  32. Couple things on DOS2. Yes it can be played single player but I'd argue it's far better played with a friend or 3. I'd also argue that the characters are more memorable than BG3's roster. Especially Fane. They're obviously not as beautifully rendered but the unique interconnected stories and dialogue are a cut about in my humble opinion

  33. Days gone was a fable situation. Over promise under deliver. In hindsight when no one remembers the devs promises then yeah its a good game but as a fresh release that didn't live up to Bends hype it was a disappointment.

  34. No sleeping dog mention is criminal.

    Such a fun game!

  35. Sign days gone 2 petition 😬 search for it online😬

  36. Even skimming through this video was a waste of time. Bad youtube, bad!
    P.S: Nothing against the actual video, just not what I would consider useful.

  37. I hated alpha protocol. I tried a stealth character, and got utterly destroyed by the first boss, who didn't care about my stealth skill. So I started again as an assault build. Got absolutely destroyed by the same boss. So I gave up.

  38. Days Gone is such a good game. Both IGN and GameSpot's reviews of the game were embarrassing to say the least.

  39. I remember being so hyped for Alpha Protocol when it launched. But I never got around to playing it. Its been in my Steam Library ever since just sitting there lol.

  40. Spec Ops The Line was delisted? it was a great game. can I still play my Steam copy? (not that i plan to, but curious how that works haha)

  41. The hordes ruined days gone for me without them would have been great game…why didn't they just do a 20/30 zombie horde….

  42. Days Gone is super underappreciated and overhated. And I saw a bunch of hate from journalists because he is a macho white guy, so annoying. And Gears BETTER be MACHO AF, 6 was good but it wasn't the same

  43. 😂 I really hope bend sees this comments section, it was the only preorder i haven't regretted in years. Such a great game

  44. The "Turn up the Radio" fight in Alpha Protocol is still one of my favorite boss fights ever

  45. Alpha Protocol still is one of my favourite games ❤ . I wish they had a made a sequel, or any spy RPG for that matter. It's a genre that needs more games 😢

  46. It’s such a shame Skyrim isn’t getting a sequel. One of my favorite retro titles.

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