10 GTA Online Facts You Didn’t Know



  1. "10 gta (online) facts)
    Shows franklin and his house

  2. Here's 1 cool fact about gorilla… he can't fucking count!

  3. The reason why you die when going into the life invader building sr that position is because it’s an out of bounds glitch, however you can got around the barrier just enough where you go through the building and into the subway tunnels, I’ve tried going through the gap and into the front desk area but I don’t believe that’s possible

  4. Pedestrians in general don’t fight you if you’re on a car or structure that doesn’t apply to them.

  5. Can is have the number from all of the outfis from this video i want to save the ouftit as a sign that im a fan.

  6. Most out of bounds get patched with a death barrier

  7. the light is not an easter egg, rockstar is just lazy

  8. Fun Fact: this Top 10 list contains 7 items.

  9. Actually, I'm waiting for a fact on how do I create a character just like in the beginning of the video

  10. You see here's the thing with number one it's a it's a kill barrier because here's the thing it was a did this man just say secret snowman it's not very secret

  11. Jenna - ᏞᎥᏉᎬ ι love sǝx тap pн'oтo says:

    EZ 10/10

  12. I like it's more like the red mushrooms you grow bigger and the green ones give you an extra life

  13. You didn’t need such a baddie for the intro

  14. You can see the same mushrooms where Maude lives

  15. Can you make a video of your settings and controller settings

  16. fun fact, the eclipse towers entrance also kills you immediately if you fly into either side of above where the sign is (where there's a little spot in between that and the rest of the building, there's a flag on the left side, fly behind it)

  17. Everyone who watches facts and glitches😑

  18. There are out if place props like the light everywhere. Lots of them are just little puffs of smoke like from a cigarette that are forever floating in one spot.


    also pretty cool rockstar includes these small details

  20. Fun fact every single fact is from the 100 facts video from like a year ago

  21. I was flying my jet and flew into that lamp and exploded.i first thought that it was a modder but now i know

  22. I bet TGG doesn't know this fact, I knew all of these

  23. 10 Overly Recycled Facts About GTA V Online

  24. knowing R*. The last one probably isn't an easter egg and they just F'ed up lol

  25. Bug? Yes
    Say that its an easyer egg? Yes because rockstar paid u😅
    Wtill knew 7/10

  26. 10 facts that are actually only 7. And a floating lamp is an Easter Egg to what? Allladin?

  27. Next gta update: floating light wars 😂

  28. the mushrooms red one is a power up mushroom and the green is a life up

  29. Let’s just say TGG made a shocking discovery. Why wasn’t that a funny trophy/achievement to unlock? That would’ve made online a little bit funny

  30. If you made it 6 facts instead of 10 you can get that GTA 6 algorithm

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