10 Best FREE Games On Nintendo Switch!

BEST Free to play Nintendo Switch games you DON’T have to spend money on? Mario, My Hero, Disney, OverWatch, N64 & GBA! | Satisfye’s HOLIDAY SALE is on NOW! Use code BEATEMUPS for 10% OFF! 🔥 🔥

40 MORE Free Games HERE 👉

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00:00 Intro
00:53 Sponsor
02:45 My Hero Ultra Rumble
04:15 F-Zero 99
05:33 Mario 35
06:52 Fall Guys
08:27 Disney SpeedStorm
09:50 Overwatch 2
11:03 N64 & GBA Online
12:51 Real Royale Reforged
14:06 Roller Champions
15:47 Omega Strikers
17:20 Outro

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  1. I’m currently about to buy the satifye grip just gotta save up some more

  2. yup, it's true, there's really no good free games on switch.

  3. You’re not old you’re just a little pup I’m 55 you’re not

  4. Excuse you, why is noone asking the important question. Who is that fluffy good Boi?!?! (Even if fluffy Boi did burp in your face)

  5. I ordered my Genn Grip Ronin in August, still hasn't shown up

  6. I am kinda surprised Warframe wasn’t a part of this. But ah well

  7. That's my favorite free game on switch free version of smash bros

  8. The disney speedstorm looks like the Asphalt 8/9 games ngl 😅

  9. pls start sponsoring the skull & co gripcase

  10. I'm actually asking for a switch OLED for christmas so this video was super helpful. Thank you!

  11. And yet super animal royal still is not on your radar of top free games.
    Fall guys sucked

  12. So fzero is free?! I thought you needed an online subscription.

  13. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is amazing. It’s what got me into Kirby. I definitely recommend checking it out

  14. No Lego Fortnite? My son is loving it on switch 🖤

  15. Grátis, mas tem q pagar serviço online, então não é grátis !

  16. Just downloaded Speedstorm, fall guys, and Roller Champions!


  18. Yo golden sun is such a slept on game I love that I was introduced to that game when I was a kid good times playing it on my sp under the covers

  19. It sucks but after your comments about The Completionist holding onto that charity money just being "made up drama" I dont think I can stay subscribed anymore

  20. Oh my gosh they have Beatumups 2 the future!!!! I need it but 50!!!! Bucks but still but it’s so cool.

  21. The roller blade game is like the game in the film Allita Battle Angel

  22. i think that roller game is the same game they playing in Anita Battle Angel movie

  23. You lie!!!! I have yet to see guardian tales in any of your free switch games videos

  24. anyone else thinks that he and moistcr1tikal look alike

  25. Speaking of free games, Warframe is amazing right now. It still is the same grest game as always, with a very f2p friendly environment, but they are just adding a lot. You can crossplay now and cross save is coming this month.

  26. This video revived my love for switch thanks BeatEmUps 😁😁

  27. Thanks for the information have a great day wood

  28. Free games for sure, but few you need subscription to unlock them so its and its not free, but still a really good video.

  29. If you make another profile for your switch and set it to japanese you can get access to the japanese version of nes snes gba and n64 and they have a few titles we don't have some don't even need any reading skills to play and are actually pretty fun. I don't remember what it was called but it was a puzzle game were you need to reach the end with the help of a fishing rod you use like a grappling hook

  30. A few years ago I emailed Satisfye about putting game carts in the handles of their next model. Where’s my royalties?

  31. you forgot to mention how all the emulator multiplayer games only work in single player.

    have fun with mario party

  32. Really appreciate you taking your time in reviewing the Lenovo legacy go and not just spending like a few days on it and immediately uploading a video because I’m honestly so confused by everything it has to offer. I’ve watched several video’s on it, but you always have a way of keeping things simple and understandable without adding so much tech info that is honestly overwhelming and I don’t get as a novice to these pc handhelds. No matter what you review you give your audience an unbiased review on what we can expect vs what they promised to deliver and did/didn’t. You let us know who it’s right for and let us come to the conclusion ourselves after presenting the facts. Your channel is my favorite because of this. The only handheld I have is the Switch (besides a 3DS that collects dust) and I’ve really wanted to play retro games Nintendo hasn’t put on it and others as well, especially Gamecube games, and games from Steam that refuse to work on my ancient laptop. I think an awesome video after the Lenovo Legacy review would be a comparison of the pc handhelds and which would be right for different players. I like how you add how simple or complicated something is upon unboxing because for me that’s what I need to see, others just jump into the device specs without actually showing you what you can expect immediately. With this you add a time frame and different circumstances that will come up in all our lives, like connection issues, on the go, downloading speeds, comparability, and game tests. These remain really simple for me and not complicated. Thank you for all your hard work to provide everyone with great gaming! I look forward to the review on the Lenovo Legacy!

  33. Thats crazy you were sponsored by a direct competitor to your own brand? And then on top of that you agreed to it. What an odd turn of events.

  34. i dont htink overwatch was ever 60 dollars btw

  35. Been following on and off for years now but won't anymore after seeing the types of people you support I hope someday you grow up and don't just believe someone because there the more popular option really makes me think of other things you and the others who supported him are up to…

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