10 Best Action-Adventure Games of 2022 You Need To Experience

The action-adventure genre has become the flag-bearer for the category of games that many would consider to be the highest-profile blockbusters every year, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the perfect intersection of fast-paced combat, ancillary gameplay activities, and narrative drive, and when developers get that balance right, the end result tends to be special.

As tends to be the case most years, 2022 saw several such new games- here, we’ll be talking about our favourites in that group, before finally crowning one of them as the brightest highlight for the genre for the entire year.


  1. A plague tale: requiem is the most frustratingly linear and forced closed off game I've played in a long time.

  2. Stray An Action Adventure 😂 It’s A Bloody Cat Walking Around For Hours On End..Ridiculous…Do You Have Cats Or Dogs….Then Your Houses Stink 😂🙏

  3. Will keep spam the dislike button until you FIX THE TIMESTAMPS

  4. Gamingbolt is goated, I genuinely hate jake baldino at gameranx so they’re not even close to the level of gamingbolt

  5. Stray and Ghostwire Tokyo seems to be diamonds on the rough this year

  6. Stray is not an action adventure game and is completely overrated.

  7. Ghostwire Tokyo was on many lists stating it was a disappointing experience. I'm almost sure even this channel said so.

  8. All the videos you commentate end up with GOW being the winner :))))))

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  11. Take a shot every time he uses the word 'meaty'

  12. Excellent Review. But thanks for the spoiler on God of War Ragnarok when we can clearly see that we team up with Freya at least once 😒😒🤬🤬

  13. Ngl Stray being in the thumbnail made this video an automatic L

  14. Stray looks really cool but I'm too cheap to pay 30 bucks on a game you can beat in 8 hrs or less lol 🤣

  15. As a fan of hack and slash Soulstice just didn't tackle my fancy.

  16. Sorry but when fully powered up Evil West destroys ragnaroks combat by a mile.

  17. Evil west is all out fun and the last boss was great

  18. Hey guys, I realise this comment might go down badly, but I honestly only mean it as constructive criticism… I wanted to ask about and comment on your switch of format for the thumbnails. You guys are one of very few channels I watch somewhat religiously and I really appreciate the effort that goes into the videos. I have noticed that lately you changed how the thumbnail looks in what I can only assume is an algorithm choice to get more clicks. I wanted to let you know, that I actively avoid these looking videos and really do believe Gaming Bolt are better than to use them, I used to really like the simple aesthetic and hope you'd consider a return to the former. Maybe worth a poll? Food for thought anyway, I'm already subscribed and know the content, so no loss here! Just an observation for your consideration. Thanks again!

  19. Love how he didn't even mention Elden ring, not one of these GOWR fanatics again, I get, you guys still can't get over the fact that Elden ring won Game of the Year <3 <3 <3

  20. I cannot imagine anything worse than Stray. Why does it keep appearing in these vids by default just because it was a game that released? Sad state of gaming

  21. Ghostwire Tokio was a disappointment for me. Except for the atmosphere the game is big step back from previous tango gameworks games. The evil within 2 was waaaaay better.

  22. Stray was pretty good.. Lego games are pure unfiltered annoying

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