1 second from every episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Sundays are for shitposts and JoJo

Someone informed me in the comments that someone else already made this video before, but I genuinely didn’t know until after I uploaded so I mean no harm or meme thievery, be sure to also watch their video!

I got the idea from “1 Second of every ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ episode” :

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  1. 17 секунда
    Главный герой сдох ¯⁠⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

  2. Remake of this again part 6 and put English Dub please 🙏

  3. Oh, you were expecting a show called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to be completely normal?

  4. 2:17 It’s just funny how Dio stops time then next second he’s calmly asking for his leg

  5. I find truly amazing that this video begins with Dio and it ends with Dio's son

  6. Ok so I just realized that the entirety of JoJo's would not have existed if it wasn't for some dude showing up and punching a frog.

  7. These clips show the full and intricate nature of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, honestly its beautiful and heartbreaking. This is so beautiful

  8. 0:430:50 Is a perfect summary of the Joseph V Kars fight.
    Kars uses Lisa Lisa's legs as a guitar.
    Kars becomes the ultimate life form.
    Joseph does the secret Joestar tecnique.
    Kars becomes a rock in space.

  9. Non jojo fans having a mental ‘breakdown breakdown’ cause they dot know what’s happening:

  10. when you realize joseph joestars is Mary Lisa's son and he was peaking

  11. Playing it on 2x is even worse lol💀💀💀 but man jotaro bring a bridge 1:14

  12. Если бы не это видео, то я бы не посмотрела джоджо…

  13. I finally found this gold and almost choked myself to death 💀

  14. “Niiiice!” – Joseph Joestar, 1939, after peeking on his own mother naked.

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