🥱Rockstar Will No Longer Provide Major updates To Red Dead Online

According to the newswire, Rockstar will no longer provide “major themed content updates” to Red Dead Online in the foreseeable future. Many fans saw this news coming, with Rockstar rarely providing updates of any kind to Red Dead Online save for monthly bonuses and discounts.

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  1. I say play Red Dead Online if you are a new player. You literally have a month or two worth of content and it's still a lot of fun.

  2. Thanks Rockstar 😞😩😥🙉😔😳😞😓

  3. RIP RedDead. I went back to PUBG over a year ago and going free to play has added players. It even has a new map coming in a couple weeks. Goodbye Arthur Morgan 😢

  4. Happy to hear your thoughts on this. I found your channel through red dead online.

  5. well honestly what ate these major updates did they do previously?? vest in a different color? 2 bucks more for a bounty?? not gonna miss the updates honestly. .. if u love rdr2 and shootouts , u have all u need

  6. Jesus will come back before gta6 comes out.

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