🐕👉👌Dog Multiplayer : Great Dane- By Wild Foot Games Adventure – Android

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👉Played By 12 year old Joseph
Great Dane – Dog Multiplayer – prepare to enter the world of the canine. Run your way to victory in this high quality Dog simulator. Avoid total chaos and come out as the ultimate top dog. We have received many request to build this game, so we hope you are happy with the outcome.

Find the puppies and get bonus points.

Customize your Dog with multiple color options. Coat colors include Brindle, Black, Brown, and Harlequin.

Realistic 3D Fantasy World with Dragons, Wolf, Knights, Warriors, Bulls, Deer, Rabbits, Doberman, Crocodiles, Dalmatians, and many more. Enter this fantasy viking world as a young puppy and exit as king.

Note : Choose between the Online Multiplayer and Offline Maps. If you don’t want to play with other people, you don’t have to.


✴✴ Control your very own Great Dane!!
✴✴ Real-Time Online and Offline 3D Dog Simulator
✴✴ Form a Dog Pack with your friends and family
✴✴ Huge 3D Open World Map
✴✴ 4 Magic Skills – Invincibility, Fireball, Ice, Electricity
✴✴ Loaded with enemies like Bears, Dalmatians, Cats, Bull, Doberman, Knights, and Dragons
✴✴ Ultra Realistic Weather Simulation – real weather with highly realistic lightning and thunder effects
✴✴ Tournament style multiplayer mode

*** BONUS FEATURE : Online Chat

Locate all the magic items in the offline map in order to craft your magic. Upgrade your animal speed, strength, and stamina. Use your magic skills selectively against your foes.

Visit the Wildfoot Facebook page: for cool updates and new releases. We concentrate on making high quality, 3D animal simulators. Have a Wildfoot day and thanks for playing!


  1. Es huna falta de respeto poner esto !👉👌

  2. Hi please tell me I can t wait to play multi-player

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