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What is Kiloo.com?
Imagine a place where free online games are as bountiful as the grass under your feet. A place where the fun never stops, and each experience brings a new kind of thrill that you’ve never experienced. If you find yourself daydreaming about a digital paradise such as this one, then open your eyes, because you’ve made it! Yup, you’re here – online games heaven. Where exactly is “here,” you ask? We are Kiloo.com, an online gaming experience dedicated to bringing you the best games online at absolutely zero cost.

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  1. Move on from subway surfers guys … Sybo have done a pretty good job and if kiloo doesn't want anything to do with it … Let them be . These games are pretty nice 🙂

  2. Channel is decrease
    Increase you channel😅

  3. i talk with you in gmail if you will comeback on Subway surfers and you reply not yes or not, you reply “ofortunately, we aren’t the creators of this Subway Surfers version”
    Please reply me with YES or NO

  4. This is Fake games ok d'ont watch this lol it's just upload à vidéo Without content


  6. When are you guys going to update Smash Champs ? Its almost been 4 years please update smash champs

  7. Pls kiloo…do it for ur fans…u have increased subway surfers'experience with old me menu,old graphic and old stuffs…now is all ugly…we need u back…pls
    i'm telling that because im a fan of your and sybo's game since 2012 and i want back the first version of subway surfers not train riders…a lot of old fan have unistalled subway surfers because the game changed a lot and now it appears like a kid game…(sorry for english im from another country)i hope u can read my comment.

  8. i think abaonded means banding something for no reason

  9. Hi kiloo We all want you back on subway surf. I beg you a lot😭😥

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