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The Caldari State is a corporate nation under eight all-encompassing megacorps, arising from a desolate, unforgiving homeworld that shaped the Caldari into an austere and resilient people willing to embrace pragmatic hierarchies in service of the greater good. From employee to CEO, all Caldari are committed to the preservation of family, corporation, the State, and their way of life – no matter the cost.

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  1. Son of a corpless bankrupt, but damn that was good…

  2. It would be interesting if guristias, SOE, blood rider, and any other small faction in game get their trailer

  3. Eve is becoming just like World of Warcraft, where they spend most of their budget on cinematics and not the actual game itself.

  4. We gonna get to play on planets' surfaces, next?

  5. They got tired of how everyone thought the other factions were lame compared to the Minmatar video, and finally upgraded one.

  6. CCP giving the Caldari the "Anime-eye" treatment. Cartoonish at best. The in game character creator is more life-like than this.

  7. For those who don't know the story behind Admiral Yakiya Tovil-Toba and his actions on his badly damaged Chimera fighter-carrier, and why the Caldari erected such a gargantuan monument of him, you may like to see this unofficial fan-made tribute video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXWf-l71MY4

  8. Sacrifice of the Chimera class carrier called Kairiola, forever remembered!

  9. As I remember there was no land battle in eve online. Has it changed?

  10. This make me wanna reclaim my throne atop Caldari. Big Up on this production. I am the high lord commander of caldari militia, Torrio Torres, AKA Big Bands, AKA Dirty Dirty, AKA Mans Got Taste. FOR THE STATE!

  11. So, I'm guessing that this video is not of actual gameplay?

  12. Dear me, I believe I may have been censored somewhere here…

  13. Ok…. Now do one’s for Amarr and Gallente.

  14. Amazing… they spent more effort on this video than they will the entire year on meaningful game development to prevent the mass exodus of old time players in lieu of the subscription cost getting jacked up with nothing to show for it.

    Good luck turning the franchise into a gatcha game CCP; I hope you're proud.

  15. годнота если не считать идеалов Калдари)))

  16. If this game was just 1% as exciting as its trailers, it would be a good game.

  17. going to have to dedicate a new mech to the state

  18. Все Андок, Все Андок!!! 🙂

  19. if only the state of the game was as sound as the caldari state's

  20. I really believe in the storyline and history of the Calderi. I would enjoy to see trailers on other factions.
    this inspires ppl to take a side to fight for, and we always love having more pilots in faction-contested systems

  21. If only ANY aspect of this game were half as good as this clip…

  22. stopped playing due to your price hikes

  23. If only the game was actually this good. Like this looks thrilling. Except in the actual game, there is no walking in stations, no atmospheric flying, no actual cool shit going on in the game. Also welcome to a new price hike as well.

  24. I love tengu. By the way, eve online should bring character name change ability by using plex like world of warcraft. I want to change my character's name but there is no option

  25. Glory to the State! Long Live Caldary!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sounds like a neighbor telling you how he spent his weekend while you both ride in an elevator from the 11th floor. Voice not tuned to video and music, not epic and powerful enough.

  27. Shame there is no any ground combat or atmosphere combat with ships this game could be so much more than it is but will never see it .

  28. One really cool thing to see in this was actual ships near humans and other things you really give us an Idea on how big these ships are

  29. The missle launch at 1:57 was just as cool as the inferno trailer if not better

  30. how you gonna show the old chimera design while we have the dumb looking one in game? give me back the old design

  31. I wish they'd bring back dust514 God I miss that game, one of the few games where the teams actually worked together to win lol

  32. EvE could be the best game ever made if the vision and goals was way higher!

  33. GREAT video, like usual, but… you dropped your lore a little bit of the Caldari itself. Did the original writers not get in on this at all?

    It can also be said that most Caldari ships are absolute TRASH in combat. This coming from a Caldari pilot.
    The Battleships and Battlecruisers lock-timers are HORRIBLE compared to Amarr, Minmatar, and ESPECIALLY the Gallente factions, making the use of their hyper long range weapons, the Railguns and Cruise Missiles absolutely null. Sure… the Golem is a knock-down drag-out HELL of a ship, and the Caracal and it's other variants are absolute monsters in PVP, because they're about the ONLY Caldari ships with an absolute stand in their weight classes… but that's it. The absolute GIMPING of Caldari ships over the last 5+ years is horrible. The Rokh is only viable in Smart-Bomb runs, as I've learned, and when it comes to using Blasters, is ALWAYS out-done by it's Gallente counterparts, in literally any other way.

    Buff Caldari ships, give us the Hope to push back the Swamp A$$ spacers! Give us the hope to hold our own in our own faction ships!

  34. a game i keep going back too off and on. its a shame their raising the monthly fee..

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